Wangdue Phodrang candidates highlight inadequate road connection, human wildlife conflict and potato price variations

The four candidates of Wangdue Phodrang shed light on issues in their two constituencies of Nyishog Saephu and Athang Thedtsho, such as water shortages, human-wildlife conflict, potato price variations and inadequate road connections.

Karma Dorji, BTP candidate from Nyishog Saephu constituency, identified agriculture product marketing as the major issue in his constituency.

He expressed the dissatisfaction among local farmers regarding the price they receive for their hard work, especially in relation to potato production.

He mentioned that farmers often have to transport their products to Phuentsholing without receiving reasonable compensation.

Karma Dorji, who has 33 years of experience working in BBS, believes that his knowledge of concerns and issues in all the dzongkhags makes him a suitable candidate. He shared that he has actively engaged with organizations and concerned authorities over the years to address these issues.

He also highlighted his achievements, including receiving a national order of merit, silver, for successful coverage of the 2018 parliamentary elections by His Majesty The King, as well as certificates of appreciation from the judiciary and the prestigious Jigme Singye Wangchuck Award for his career and significant contribution to journalism.

Kuenga, PDP candidate from Nyishog Saephu constituency, highlighted the major issues affecting his constituency. He emphasized that water shortages, human-wildlife conflict, potato price fluctuations, increasing fertilizer prices, and the closure of housing and farming loans are worrying.

He expressed his concerns about water scarcity in Phangyul Gewog, which has severely impacted agricultural productivity and livelihoods. He also highlighted the ongoing conflict between humans and wildlife, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach.

Additionally, the volatility in potato prices has negatively affected local farmers’ income and stability, while rising fertilizer prices have burdened farmers and affected agricultural output.

He urged the people to vote for him, citing his reputation for trust and integrity within the community. He emphasized his consistent dedication to the welfare of the constituents and his experience in effectively addressing the challenges faced by the constituency.

He also highlighted his track record of fulfilling pledges made to the community, demonstrating his commitment to delivering on promises.

Ugyen, a BTP candidate from Athang Thedtsho constituency, identified human-wildlife conflict affecting crop production, scarcity of irrigation water, and agriculture product marketing due to scattered settlements as some of the key issues in his constituency.

Ugyen, who has served as the Dzongkhag Livestock Officer in Wangdue Phodrang for the past 8 years, believes his experience and understanding of the community’s problems will enable him to effectively address their concerns.

Ugyen urged the people to judge his service track record over the past 8 years in the dzongkhag, where he claims to have brought tremendous changes in livestock services and increased livestock production. He emphasized the benefits received by farmers in the dzongkhag from the sale of livestock products, which have provided them with good cash income.

Ugyen appealed to the people to believe in his humbleness, capability, experience, and commitment to serving the community and the people.

Tandin Wangchuk, PDP candidate from Athang Thedtsho constituency, discussed the diverse yet interconnected challenges faced by his constituency.

He pointed out that infrastructure development, particularly road connectivity and irrigation systems are of pivotal concern. Inadequate roads in remote areas hinder connectivity and obstruct the potential of efficient irrigation networks crucial for agricultural progress.

Tandin also highlighted the need for improved access to quality education and healthcare services.

He emphasized his rich history of public service since Bhutan embraced democracy in 2008 as a reason for people to vote for him. He highlighted his track record of fulfilling promises and his deep-rooted connection with the people.

Tandin pledged to bridge infrastructure gaps, enhance education and healthcare accessibility, and foster sustainable economic growth. He envisioned a future marked by inclusivity, progress, and genuine dedication, transforming the Athang Thedtsho constituency into an example of prosperity.

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