Wangdue re-confides their trust in incumbent Tashi Dorji

Wangdue Phodrang re-elected Tashi Dorji for another five-year term amongst four other competent candidates. Tashi Dorji won by a huge margin after securing a total of 4,995 votes of which 3,818 votes were cast through EVM and 1,177 through the means of Postal Ballot.

“I firstly decided to re-contest in this election after I was given repeated assurance from the general public during my incumbency. And I think spaces like common forums in the locality and public debate on national television and services, like postal ballots greatly favored my win,” said Tashi Dorji.

Tashi Dorji holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, New York. He also worked as a protocol officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2006- 2007 and was the chief executive officer at Bhutan Nyinzer Expeditions from the year 2010 – 2012.

Tashi Dorji said that compared to when he first ran for the NC seat in 2013, this time around -after serving for five years in the National Council, he has a clearer picture of the NC position, which will go a long way in fulfilling his legislative mandates with his acquired knowledge in the field.

“As I’ve always said, my main priority will be to reduce the disparity between the rich and the poor, and focus on policy concerning such issues. And I reaffirm to serve my people and country with the utmost loyalty and dedication,” said Tashi Dorji.

He said that while he is overwhelmed by his victory, he is quite perplexed whether to celebrate his election or to genuinely sympathize his opponents whom he feels were competent in their own capacities.

His other top priority for this term would be to work closely with the Local Government and focus on assuring self-sufficiency of every household. Apart from Tashi Dorji, there were four other candidates vying for the council post. The former NA member (2008-2013), Passang Thinlee garnered commendable supporters and secured the second highest total votes at 3,751. Dawa Tshering secured 1,618 votes, Rada Wangchuk secured 1,357 votes and Thinley secured a total of 427 votes.

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