Washout for Paro’s women Gup candidates

None of the three women gup candidates in Paro were elected in the second LG elections on September 27, despite having worked for several years in local government as Magmi, Tshogpa and Gyadrung for several years.

From the 10 gewogs in Paro dzongkhag only Dokar, Shaba and Wangchang gewogs had women candidates contesting for gup. But all lost to fresh male candidates.

“Why are women not more supportive of other women,” said Phub Dolma who contested from Wangchang gewog. “I served seven years as Gaydrung and five years as a Mangmi in Wangchang gewog. Only after people shared their appreciation for my hard work and devotion I decided to contest for gup.”

Tsheten Zangmo who contested for Gup in Dokar gewog is equally disappointed at the voter support. “So the phenomenon of women sabotaging other women came out real, I expected at least one of us to get elected,” she said. “If this is the case in future other women who aspire to become leaders will be discouraged from participating in politics.”

Meanwhile, Sangay Lhamo who contested for gup from Shaba gewog, said she felt that lack of public support, and women to women support. “For a woman to make it to the top, other women should stop undermining and rather support unconditionally,” she said.

Sangay Lhamo said that working as a gewog Tshogpa for the past five years helped her get acquainted with   issues and problems faced by the people in the gewog and problems associated with women in the gewog were difficult to resolve with a male leader.

The total registered voters in Paro is 17,705 with 8,482 male voters and 9,223 female voters of which only 10,598 cast their votes, 4,959 male and 5,639 female.

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