Waste Survey being carried out by Clean Bhutan

Clean Bhutan Organization has started surveying the state of waste management in the capital to check awareness on zero waste policy, advocate behavioral change on sustainable consumption of goods and in finding the root causes of waste problems.

Eight interns are doing the survey in areas plagued with waste management issues such as Kala Bazaar and the Olakha workshop areas

In some areas where the survey has been completed it has been found that despite repeated advocacy, people rarely put healthy waste management habits into practice. There seemed to be no community cooperation to curb waste management issues in their respective neighborhoods.

There seemed to be no strict monitoring of waste segregation rules and although dustbins are allocated in places wherever deemed necessary, they were not being emptied from time to time.

The community in turn also expressed that the waste collection system is not reliable and that they do not have other option than to dump their waste in a pit.

“There are lots of dustbins placed almost in every place, and I think it is not really necessary because that makes an individual irresponsible to reduce production of waste,” said Dawa Wangchuk who is currently interning with the organization. “I feel the dustbins should be placed only in places wherever critically necessary like that in developed countries but it should be emptied from time to time.”

The organization along with its intern and volunteers has been carrying out cleaning campaigns and advocacy programs from time to time in different part of the country as well.

The final report of the findings will be submitted to Thromde Office for their reference and necessary action if there are any lapses detected regarding the community and the Thromde management.


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