Water shortage threatens restaurants in Norzin Lam

Restaurants along Norzin Lam are facing acute water shortage and there are incidences where few restaurants had to remain closed for few days.

Restaurants and few residents staying in Norzin Lam areas are increasing dissatisfied with Thimphu thromde because while Thimphu thromde is mandated to provide safe, reliable and equitable water for drinking and other purposes, the water woe is still continuing and might continue in future too.

On the other hand, Thimphu thromde is content that Dodena Water Supply Scheme project would resolve all the issues related to water shortage as thromde claimed that it can provide water supply to every households in Thimphu for twenty four hours in a day but the question is whether this water supply scheme project can really solve water problems as we witnessed several problems during the line testing period where numerous pipes busted affecting households residing near the water tank especially in Langjophakha.

Tshering Lhadon from FnB Restaurant said, “Water shortage in Norzin Lam is a serious issue, all the restaurants in Norzin Lam are having water shortage and it is affecting our business. Thimphu thromde supplies water twice a day but the water that thromde supplies are not sufficient.”

She said, “Water that thromde supply is used in cooking and washing and for restrooms and toilets we have to mange water from other sources. Sometimes we need to go all the way till Taba and Motithang to fetch water. Most of the time, there is no water in restrooms and toilets and we have to apologize to our guests”.

She also said, “There are also incidences where we had to close our restaurants for few days due to water shortage”.

“We filed many complaints to Thimphu thromde to resolve the issue but nothing has been done so far. The water shortage, we hope, will be resolved soon to satisfy the people’s right to water, a basic consumer and human right. We also feel that water is not equally distributed’, she said.

Yeshi from Zombala 2 Restaurant said, “Water that thromde supply is not sufficient and water distress has become so severe and even if we have reservoir tank, water is not sufficient”.

She said, “Because of water shortage, we are not able to maintain cleanliness and if this continue, we will lose most of our guests”.

Muna Devi Sharma from pure Veg Restaurant said, “In a day we need around 6000 liters but thromde supply water only once or twice a day. For those who do not have reservoir tank, the water that thromde supply is not sufficient for even washing the dishes and very soon if this distress continues, we might have to use plastic plates and mug”.

Thimphu thromde’s water Supply Officer, Pema Thekchong said, “At present, we are facing water shortage and especially in Norzin Lam because there are so many hotels and restaurants and even few residents residing in Norzin Lam but the problem will be solved once we supply water from Dodena”.

He said, “We have already started supplying water from Dodena to certain locations like Langjophakha, Changjiji and Yangchenphug but we haven’t supplied water to Norzin Lam areas but it will be done soon. So we would like to request people to wait and cooperate with us”.

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