Water woes in Changzamtog

Progress need not necessarily mean the march toward a land of plenty or for that matter it doesn’t mean that ‘sufficiency’ is available at every corner of the settlement.

In fact for the residents of Changzamtog, even the need of the hour are sparingly fulfilled in a drip which is unpredictably timed in the water shortage it faces.

As the concrete jungle spread in the locale, the agony of water shortage increased in parallel to the number of new buildings and constructions which sprouted in the face of ever-increased demands for rental space.

Thromde officials said that the underground water supply project near Thim Chhu; located near fly-over bridge had relatively solved the problem.

Nonetheless the everyday sight at Changzamtog of residents who fetch water from their neighbors’ and friends’ places paints a different picture. Some even drive to other water sources which is usually their relatives’ and friends’ places to fetch water and to do the laundry or to wash-up.

According to the Customer Service Division under Thimphu Thromde recorded that there were more than 300 complaints filed regarding the shortage of water supply in the month of May and June.

“It has fairly reduced as compared to last year, since new water plant near Chang bangdu area had helped in providing water,” said Tshering an official under the division.

Tshering Tashi, who is newly settled at Changzamtog, told The Bhutanese that daily life has become terrible in the prevailing conditions.

“Water is available alternatively for 10-15 minutes in evening and it is not at all sufficient for us since all our household chores depend on it,” he said.

He added that every month they have to pay Nu 100 as a water bill which is a huge amount compared to the scanty water supply.

Most of the house owners said that the water is supplied to the tenants timely since it’s not sufficient for all.

“We hope to solve this problem when the underground water supply project is completed,” said a house owner Yangki.

She said her tenants were provided with new connections for water supply provided by Thimphu Thromde which is sufficient but still there is water shortage.

Neten Wangdi, another house owner complained about water shortage which has been the norm for about seven years.

He said water supply provided by Thimphu Thromde had stopped for about two months so he had been providing water from a private source which is mostly stolen from another source or diverted from the mid-way.

Two water treatment plants of 6500 cubic meter are located in Motithang and Jungshina to supply water for the whole town.

An Engineer from Water Supply Division said that three perennial water resources in Motithang are drying up due to less rainfall, affecting the supply chain for the whole city.

A consistent water source in Jungshina alone is not sufficient to supply for whole Thimphu population.

However, he said that the underground water project near fly over bridge which is partially commissioned had helped in providing water to some part of Changzamtog.

A junior engineer of Thimphu Thromde said that soon the project will be completed and it will ease the water shortage problem as there will be adequate water supply after that.

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