84 year old, Rinchen Wangmo

Well wishes pour in for their Their Majesties on the announcement of Her Majesty expecting a third Royal child

Bhutanese living in the country and abroad sent wishes and prayers to His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen on the announcement of the Royal third child.

Their Majesties shared the good news on 14th June 2023, the announcement said, “Their Majesties, The Druk Gyalpo Gyaltsuen are happy to share the news that Her Majesty is expecting their third child, due in early autumn. Their Majesties wish to thank everyone for their continued good wishes and prayers.”

 84-year-old, Rinchen Wangmo said, “I am getting older day by day, after hearing the news about the third Royal child. I even forgot how old I am as I am so excited and thrilled to be a grandmother again. All my wishes and prayers are that the royal child even gets my life span. How I wish to have two more beautiful princesses like our Queen as we already have two noble princes.”

Sonam Thaye, a teacher said “It is another unprecedented moment we are going to experience soon, and I felt overwhelmed after hearing such gracious news. I pray for the longevity and prosperity of the Wangchuck Dynasty. May our country flourish with greater tranquility, happiness, and prosperity after the birth of a third royal child, and may our country flutter in the blue sky and continue to be blessed under the reign of the Wangchuck dynasty.”

Team Suja with Rabgay Drukyuel Films said “We pen these words filled with overwhelming excitement, prayers, and wishes as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of your third child. It is with great joy and anticipation that we convey our heartfelt congratulations to both of you on this momentous occasion.”

“In this time of joyous anticipation, we offer our fervent prayers for the health and well-being of the Queen and the precious life growing within her. I pray the journey of pregnancy is filled with blessings, and may each passing day bring you both joy, strength, and serenity. May the divine grace protect and guide you through this beautiful phase of life,” he added.

Similarly, an official from Drukyuel Films sends their wishes to the beloved third Royal child.

They said, “To our future beloved prince or princess, we send wishes that are boundless and sincere. May you be blessed with good health, abundant love, and a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Your arrival into this world is a testament to the enduring legacy of our Royal family, and we have no doubt that you will grow to be an exceptional individual, just like your parents and siblings before you.”

Dorji Wangchuk who works under the Department of Air Transport Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and is undergoing training at Bangkok, CATC, Thailand said, “We were busy working out having a busy schedule in the morning and I just went through my phone and I had a notification on my phone that announced that Their Majesties are expecting their third child. We share our happiness and excitement with each other because we were waiting for this moment. We were already very grateful to have two princes and now it was lucky to hear that our royal highness is now having a third child. All my team is really joyful about the news. Our country is already blessed with the guidance of our role models Fourth Druk Gyalpo and His Majesty and hereafter the future generations are going to be blessed with utmost joy and anticipation.

Sangay Dawa said “I am really excited after hearing the announcement of a third child. After the arrival of two noble princes, the prospect of a princess gracing the royal household ignites a renewed sense of wonder and enchantment. The kingdom reverberates with whispers of dreams and aspirations, as we imagine the vibrant tapestry of possibilities that await this precious princess.”

Sonam Chopel a private sector employee said, “I offer heartfelt congratulations to Your Majesties, for it is with profound gratitude that we witness this joyous occasion. We are humbled to bear witness to the flourishing of their Majesty’s family and cherish the honor of being part of your loyal subjects.”

Kinley Wangdi said, “It’s a joyful moment to hear the wonderful news of Their Majesties welcoming their third Royal Child. I would like to join the nation in expressing my heartfelt congratulations to Their Majesties and offer prayers of good health and happiness to the Royal Baby.”

 The entire nation joined in sending warm wishes and heartfelt congratulations to His Majesty King and Her Majesty The Queen, embracing this joyous occasion and eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of the newest member of the Royal family.

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