What the Gyelpozhing Report tells us

Though the full investigation report is yet to be shared the Anti Corruption Commission must be commended for the completion of its investigation on Gyelpozhing.

The investigation has found that Royal Kashos and national laws were broken to give the influential and the powerful land in Gyelpozhing town. This was done at the expense of ordinary people who lost their land and were eligible for the plots.

Gyelpozhing shows the level of corruption and nepotism in the Bhutanese system which many ordinary Bhutanese are aware of but are unable to speak up against.

Powerful members of the cabinet, judiciary, bureaucracy and others taking or accepting land meant for farmers who lost their land and eligible shopkeepers violated many ethical and legal norms.

Though these farmers and shopkeepers pointed out the flaws and repeatedly requested for their legitimate plots little heed was paid to them.

Gyelpozhing in many ways is the tip of an iceberg as our system allows the powerful to get their way with land, government jobs, mines, economic projects, laws and government resources.

Gyelpozhing was never highlighted as a political issue when it first came out in the media. Great pains were taken in the initial media reports to name all the influential people involved like the then cabinet, judiciary, bureaucracy and others.

The political twist was given by members of the current government who came up with conspiracy theories, defamatory allegations and erroneous explanations.

The only redeeming factor was the Prime Minister ordering an ACC enquiry six days days after the ACC said it would review the case.

However, in the meantine a vendetta campaign was launched by politicians in the government to punish truth tellers including this paper. Attempts were also made to intimidate the ACC into finishing the report early.

Now that the case has been given to the Office of the Attorney General there are obvious questions about whether there is an issue of conflict of interest.

Some feel that that the ACC in line with international best practices and interpreting provisions in its own Act could have prosecuted the case in its own by hiring an independent prosecutor.

However, another school of thought is that the OAG is the government lawyer and the government is prosecuting individuals and not official government post holders no matter how senior they are.

Another area of concern now is also in the judiciary as the case also involves close family members of judges.

Precautions will have to be taken by the ACC, OAG, government and judiciary to prevent a conflict of interest either in the prosecution or judgment of the case.

Some critics have tried to paint the entire Gyelpozhing issue as an anti-government issue. If upholding Royal Kashos, the Constitution, laws, the interests of the nation and the rights of ordinary citizens is being anti-government then the whole nation must be in on it.

One question that will haunt many minds is the impact of the Gyelpozhing case on the future of the country and democracy when senior and respected leaders are involved in such activities. This case also shows that there is a pressing need for a thorough clean up of old attitudes that rewards such practices.

Though Gyelpozhing in many ways is a damning statement on our system it also gives Bhutan reason for hope as the investigation has come this far on the strength of democratic institutions. How matters proceed from here on will show the true level of transparency and resilience of our democratic system and its democratic institutions.













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  1. What about royal family members, why do you stop short at mentioning them. What we need to understand is that when Gyelpozhing happened, it happened under very different circumstances, when many things that would never be accepted now was perfectly normal then.

    • Though ACC have done a commendable jobs, they should have at least respect the Royal families. For instance, that is the main previlage and rights of being a Royal family. If they don’t have any rights to claim any piece of land, then,,,,,,,why we have to call them Royal Family Members. In other countries, all Royal families are millionaires, with millions dollars of assets, which is not in our case. I am totally against this allegations against the Royal Family members.

      For instance, those case originated, when Bhutan doesn’t have proper institutions, when everybody have the rights, when people are ignorant, people are not aware of democratic systems, so it should not be that serious.  We are brought up in a society, where we think, that what our superior does is right. So such case pertaining to those era should not be brought to the current perspective. If ACC digs every case before democracy comes into Bhutan, every people in Bhutan will face allegation of corruption. 

      So if we love our country, lets point out the flaws and allegations, if something fishy happens during the era of democratic systems in Bhutan. In that way, we can change the society for better place to live in. 

  2. Bravo “The Bhutanese”, you are like the wiki-leak for us, Bhutanese.You are like the hubble telescope and microscope. You are like the black sheep. This great quotation goes out to the Bhutanese and all fellow Bhutanese:  “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act”- George Orwell

  3. Nothing will happen because Bhutanese people are weak to come together and afraid to face realities. They accept whatever comes way and are never bothered about what happens so long as one is happy and comfortable in their own domain. Bhutanese are very submissive and the system is so deeply rooted that it might take aeons to change the Bhutanese mentality.

    The Bhutanese newspaper particularly Mr. Tenzin Lamsang is doing their small but great job to change Bhutan and i think all of us have to support them. Corruption is a disease and we are to be blamed because we accept everything the way it is.
    Bhutanese people particularly the commoners are to be blamed for everything that happens in the country. We have a system of pampering the boss and those in power through so called driglam namzha and they take the advantage.

    Time has come to change Bhutan and we are provided with such opportunity by our beloved and visionary Kings (4th & 5th) -” the democracy”. People have now power to change and that power is votes. We have to invest our votes very carefully and be prudent in exercising that. I think the ball is in our court. So people of Bhutan should forget their own benefits and come together for a better and greater cause.
    Corruption is disease and sickness which should be rooted out and that job lies with us the Bhutanese people.

  4. This is because of  the ‘thebhutanese’ newspaper that ACC was finally forced to reveal the details and act upon it. Truly, the ‘thebhutanese’ should be appreciated for its contribution towards the goal of zero intolerance on the corruption. hats off to you dear TL. 

  5. Since ACC had forwarded the case to AGO, it way take another one or two years out there.
    so let see what action is being taken

  6. Drukwangyal
    In my honest view, you really need to see such cases very objectively and able to see the broader picture. This is a case where there are collusions almost an organised method to grab the wealth. Should this case be shelved, the 700,000 brothers and sisters of this nation will not be able to digest, let alone questioning and losing respects to our leaders. Yes, it happened prior to democracy, then are you questioning our Monarchs stating that there was no proper system. These bunch of Ministers and others have violated in spite of having clear criteria, rules and framework for allotting land as clearly stated by ACC and some are posted in the Cabinet Website along with the LJYT Press Release- you can have a look.
    If not handled properly, this will lead to miscarriage of justice and such act needs proper investigation even if it happened several decades back. For God sake, you do not try to breach the rule of Law which is important for the sake of nationhood. It is better to honourably accept if the prevailing criteria/framework have been violated rather than defending with no substance. Mind you, all of us as responsible citizen, it could happen to us and we need to be responsible for it. People in the village contribute tax, work hard in the field, they do not get hefty/fat salary and allowances like Ministers and influential family.
    The land need to be publicly auctioned or give to zimpon’s office for kidu to landless people. People involved in Gelephu land case including Dasho Drangpon – what happened? Samtse mining? Education Ministry? MOH? Forestry officials? This needs careful handling of the case and finally should arrive at win-win situation.
    Should this case be de-railed, people will request the government to frame two Laws one for “small fish” and the other for the “Big Fish”. I guess, there are so many ways to honourably accept the mistakes if what ACC has stated is true instead of defending unnecessarily without substance and concrete Rules/criteria to back up.

    • Sunmoom, 

      It is you and this paper who strongly imply that ‘the system under the Monarch’ was weak. That is what you and this paper have been trying to do all this time. You and this paper, I believe are trying to create a rift between the Monarchy and the people elected government.  Alright what is the objectivity of such an undoing of the past? What is the broader picture that you have got to show us? Is it fair to investigate JYT inside out by this paper (of all his past doings) just because he was elected by majority of the Bhutanese to be the first PM of democratic Bhutan? The bigger picture here is that, you and I are given democracy by our Monarchs without having to fight for it, democracy was gifted to us though many of us did not want it. Democracy enabled such freedom of expressions, speech and private newspapers but how objective do you think you are being when you go back and dig out the past? Where do you draw the line of contention? I dare say, what had been perfectly okay in the past may not be okay at all now, and that is how laws evolve too. By this, I am not justifying the gyelposhing case or any other case of corruption but do we have solutions to all our past problems? 

  7. The report tells us that “life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.

    All the best dear posters.

  8. the bhutanese paper is the only voice against past, present & future corruption for bhutanese people like protesting in other democratic countries

  9. No citizen of a country should have the right to BREAK its own law! The issue to me is not about WHO. When it comes to corruption and criminal offenses, no matter who, justice must prevail above all.

  10. ” A good Buddhist is honest and morally incorruptible. He knows that he must be responsible for all his actions and therefore, is ever on his guard. A good Buddhist takes delight in doing good and tries to avoid evil”. May be those in the ACC list must be other than Buddhist.

  11. Phuntsho:
    Truth is stronger than any of your defense. Tell me, why was Laws, Rules, criteria and other related framework not followed while allocating the land? THIS IS THE HEART OF THE TRUTH. You know truth is as strong as DIAMOND and INTEGRITY that of LORD Buddha. That is why there was/is and will be “MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE” if this is not handled delicately in a fair, just and righteous manner. You may be a close relative, daughter, son, nephew, niece or direct beneficiary of illegally allotted Gyelposhing Land- while you are concerned for your profit maximization only, we are looking at the broader aspect of our country so that we live in a country where people respects each other including the LAW OF THE LAND and not the Law of the jungle.
    Till you are able to provide your justification which is stronger than the TRUTH that I have mentioned above, no people in this forum can believe you other than trying to defend the illegally owned land at Gyelposhing. Standing for the TRUTH, we will not be tired of engaging meaningful debate with you in this forum.

    As I said, anything carried out without fairness, we are against it. If people have made mistakes and regret for it, that is a different matter (after all we are human being!). But the way you approach for this case, you are intending to cover up and support the grave violation instead of coming up which is fair, just, within the acceptable means. Therefore, I as individual would like to strongly oppose to your comments:
    (1) Our farsighted Monarchs crafted a very clear criteria, Rules, framework for allocating land
    (2) These people have just taken the land in Gyelposhing without much concern as if anything can work for them, as if they can acquire any land from any Dzonkhags.
    (3) Mind you, these very elite groups of people as Ministers, senior officers and influential family are beneficiary of hefty/salary, allowances, expensive PRADOS and LANDCRUISERS, enjoy immense respects and influence. But you know – they should also restrain from such temptation of grabbing the wealth to become rich overnight at the expense of common citizens of the country and instead act and earn respects from the people if they wish to remain as respected citizens in the society. If they are sensible enough, each time they ride on these expensive PARDOS/LANDCRUISERS, they must be feeling guilty of having deprived the basic comforts of the common citizens as the money saved from these could have gone to the development Projects.
    (4) In one of the great speeches of Dr. Abdul Kalam, a former President of India, he made a reference to the importance of INTEGRITY and respect for the Law: He stated that for people to be successful, higher qualification, higher aim, and INTEGRITY are most important values and factors. He further states that it is easier to gain higher qualification and easier to aim high, but what is quite often difficult for our leaders is to working with INTEGRITY.
    In fact he caution that, leaders who work with INTEGRITY will succeed with INTEGRITY and leaders who do not work with INTEGRITY will not succeed in this 21st century. The challenge is quite often many people in their temptation for various reasons compromise their INTEGRITY and leaders who do not compromise their INTGRITY is what makes them great and different from other leaders.
    People involved in the Gyelposhing have blatantly violated all prevailing criteria, Rules, Laws in their temptation of amassing the land. We know, they are still feeling guilty of the action they have committed and sometimes they must be feeling a shame of their deeds, if they are sensible leaders and which they ought to be.
    Going by the definition of Dr. Abdul Kalam’s definition, do you think our leaders and influential family work with INTEGRITY and succeed with INTEGRITY or they need to demonstrate more to earn genuine respects and not the artificial respects in which we Bhutanese are known for?

    • Did I, in any of my previous comments defend the guilty? I have maintained if you can solve all the problems of the past, nothing like it. But how far back are you willing to go? This paper reported that the Gyelposhing case is only a tip of the iceberg, what about Punakha, Wangdue, Thimphu, so on and so forth? Do you have possible recipe for all the problems? MP Damcho Dorji boasted that he prosecuted the Phobjikha land scam when he was an AG, and that too as a criminal case, but do you know any people who were involved in the scam and that they are behind bars? May be you should tell us if you know. Why, you for that matter TL or people who were affected by illegal land grab did not raise their voice then? Why did not they go to the court or police then? Why did not they approach the HM then ? – was it a different circumstance altogether?  
      I did not defend anybody thus far and there is no need for you to relate me to any people who are in the list. I do not own a square centimeter of land nor do I own a house, but this doesn’t mean that I have to be an anti-government. This doesn’t mean that I should not defend Bhutan and its rich heritage. This doesn’t mean that I should not defend the government that is run by elected leaders, whether you like it or not. 

      Who is jumping to the conclusion here? It is this paper and you who create all sorts of doubts and mistrusts.  You don’t trust OAG quoting conflict of interest. I won’t be surprised if you don’t trust ACC tomorrow. 

      I have always maintained that any corruptions or problems of the past if solvable should be solved, but where do we draw the lines? I will never hold this government accountable for the problems of the past that it had no control. I will always make this government and the future governments accountable for the failures and success that happens in Bhutan after the start of Democracy. But if you can solve the problems starting from the time of Jigme Namgyal and Zhabdrung to now, I will be a happier person. Good luck. And now I shall go and take care of my integrity before I point the breach of integrity of others. 

      • To make u happy we will do anytihng, If u can bring victims n eyewitness who has seen or experienced problems with them during the time of jigme namgyal, zhabdrung or even in 8 th century, we will help u to solve their problem, this we promise u. We care a lot about ur happiness n integrity. 

  12. Now ACC should investigate and find out if these listed land allot-tees also own land in other Dzongkhags and then decide on plan of further actions.

  13. Sunmoon,
    Whether they followed which laws or not, whether they followed which kashos or not, whether they followed which criteria or not – the court will tell us, you don’t have to rush on. Gyelposhing land case has been stripped naked. The theBhutanese, you, and ACC had made their analyses – and all these are not binding. It will be the court and there is no need for you and I to preempt the result. It could go either way. 

    In the meantime why don’t you ask TL to work on another project, maybe ‘The battle of Changlimithang’? Whether they followed the strict rules of engagement. 

    • Because of battle of chamglimithang, we are lucky to see 5 monarchs. If we were present that time we would definitely enjoy the battle n even join our monarch to fight.

  14. The Gyelpozhing case has only told us that the land allotment committee under the chairmanship of the speaker in his days as the Dzongda allocated land illegally. It has also told us that we were not perfect then and that we will not be perfect hereafter. And yes, no one has been stripped naked as Sunmoon assumes.

  15. Sunmoon, sorry I attributed the stripped naked quote to you and Phuntsho, I used it because I thought it was made by Sunmoon.

  16. Phuntsho:

    With regard to your suggestion of Changlimithang, why don’t you initiate about yourself? ….you seemed to be hinting and digging after something. I have seen lots contradiction in your comments; we are intelligent enough to use of lenses. Anyway, what is the speciality/greatness about it. We have already finished reading Changlimithang episode in the text book of Class 10, Class XII, history books about 35 years back. When these facts are already in the history books both in English and Dzongkhag, what do you want to add onto it?.

    With regard to TL’s willingness on the proposed project, I have no idea as he is a Journalist and he has his own way of approaching the things as they are, as I do of my own. It is non of your shitty business to say what TL will do and what TL will not do. (But Phuntsho- do not try to act smart—I have already commented that your comments really seems to be dramatically contradicting—anyway we will try to reflect what you are trying to convey and extract from us!) You seemed to be someone whose one foot is “inside” and the other foot “outside”.

    On the issue of people holding accountability: when the case is backed up by evidences of having blatantly violated the Rules, criteria, Kahos, Laws and the very Land which we can see having transferred in their names – what else (you need) more than this naked TRUTH. WE WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY OF HAVING SEEN THIS GET FAIR SAHRE OF JUSTICE. Others, I will not comment till there are evidences like this Gyelposhing Land Scandal.

    Phuntsho- my simple advice to you as an elderly brother of yours: firstly, if there are cases of misuse with concrete evidences leading to miscarriage of justice as in the case of Geylposhing – this is where the line is being drawn. But honestly speaking, when I go through your comments you seemed to be artificially trying to support for people involved in the land and yet you want us to dig more ( I need to sincerely analyse your credentials- these kind of people are dangerous-they will tell sweet thing in a small way and damage un-proportionately later). I may be wrong on this, now onward I will seriously analyse your comments- PHUNTSHO- you are targeting something, we are intelligent enough to assess what you are after. We know how to take care of our NATION. ALL THE READERS OF THIS FORUM, PLEASE TRY TO READ what PHUNTSHO IS AFTER… Now I feel like laughing at the stand being taken by Phuntsho- truly you are not supporting the people in Gyelposing- you are more than that -you are trying to extract more from us. We now know which feather of bird you belonged to! As I said, we know how to take care of our things, and you do not have to wear sheep’s cloth in wolf and jackal.

    • Wow did you learn how to investigate and read between the lines from TL?  I don’t care what analyses you make out of my comments whether in a serious tone or a hilarious one.  I believe, its from the journalism that you learn to deduce, character assassinate, and label people from the comments they write. Do you mean to say that I may be a refugee from Jhapa or wherever? Well, I am starting to doubt that  you may be serving the interest of those people through all these writings in here. I won’t be surprised if theBhutanese come up with articles that relate to them.  

      What I know is that in many of its articles theBhutanese tried to create a rift between the Monarchy and the elected leaders. And going by the nature of the so called ‘investigative journalism’ of theBhutanese and perhaps you, it is you who is trying to hit hard at something. It is you and this paper who are trying to hold the previous heads and machinery of the government accountable – implying that the system then was weak and allowed many corruptions.  Yet I have maintained we should draw the lines. Yet I have maintained that all corruptions of the past may not be solvable. Yet I have maintained that we should concentrate and contribute towards democratic Bhutan, and cherish the era of Monarchy as a peaceful one. 

      Regards to Gyelpozing land scam I never said in any of my comments that there was no corruption. But it is you who is preempting the result. You try to influence the stakeholders in their decision making. If you done your part, could you not let OAG and Court do their parts? 

    • Its no secret Phuntsho or his/her family is a beneficiary of all these scams. Only a person directly affected by this case will go to great lengths to defend their actions like how Phuntsho does. He/she takes us for fools by claiming he/she is not defending the guilty.

      When we are talking about this case, Phuntsho tries to divert the attention elsewhere in a stupid attempt to confuse people and at times tells us whats been done in the past should be forgotten. Well Phuntsho, before democracy, Bhutan was not a lawless country as you seem to put it. Laws were clearly broken, and it has been found out only now, thanks to TL. I believe the Samtse mining case also happened before the democratic government came to place, but where they left off just like that? No! They were prosecuted by JYT! It was a personal revenge by JYT. Don’t fool us into thinking those accused got convicted by courts, prosecuted by OAG. They were following mere orders from your much-worshipped JYT.

      • Man, if investigative journalism is what you and the likes of you deduce here, some of us seriously need to go and refresh its definition. And look who is talking, ACC, OAG and Courts are all under JYT? And you have no trust whatsoever these institutions do since they function under the direction of JYT? – Did you come to this conclusion using the matrix of your investigative journalism?. Then, why don’t you write on your big forehead that ‘Gyelpozing land case should be prosecuted by you in the court of theBhutanese with TL as the Judge’? Will you be satisfied then? 

        If you thought my comments did not make sense, you have the choice not to reply. But you want me to believe and religiously accept whatever this paper writes and whatever you comment. Is that what you want from all? Just blindly accept, so that there is no questioning of the motive of the paper or the person. So that there is no deliberation. And so to show the solidarity of your hatred towards elected leaders. 

      • The fact that your party got defeated badly last election you show your immense hatred towards JYT. Don’t you think it is high time you start campaigning for the upcoming election to avoid the same fate? And coming up with placards with ‘JYT is corrupted’ and distributing to the electorate could be one of the strategies. 

        And yeah its no secret that I am a family member, a relative, and a beneficiary of all these scams. You have proven it, didn’t you? You proved it through investigative journalism relying on reliable resources and through various legal experts. Thus my connection to all these scams is evidence-based.  No doubt. 

  17. The report also tells us that people in all walks of life like to become rich at the cost of others. It is sad that we Bhutanese are very greedy despite being Buddhists!

  18. Conclusively, Phuntsho has his hand behind larger crimes that compels him to defend all allegations, he expects to be defended by PM, Speaker and all other if he is hooked, less is left about his intentions. Someone pointed him to have set foot on two boats, does he show the guilt of being one from Jhapa? Such people will destroy the harmony of our land.
    What make history good is because one learns nothing from history, perhaps he understand all types of ploy and conspiracies used then. I fear phuentso is working for another ploy, De-antiDPTlization of the political arena. Unless it is his dreams, rarely are other reasons why he brings all self contradictory statements to argue for effects and support the cause. I condemn his thought. Let peace prevail in Bhutan……

    • Oh dear, here is another agent. I hope the other two people are now happy that there is a third person who have confirmed that I am behind the larger crimes, of all these scams. I did not know that I had understood the meaning of the word ‘evidence’ wrongly until you all used it here. So here,  black on white, you have alleged, accused and convicted me of being a party to all these scams. And the court must exactly do what you expect, right? That is the exact perspective you give to Gyelpozing land case. 

      My conscience is very clear and therefore I need not be defended by anybody. I need not get hypnotized by the mere fact that this paper comes up with controversial reports. Quite often I have found your comments contradictory, so clean your room before you point your crooked fingers at somebody. And yeah you should be happy because whatever comments you write, they get published here, even if you use extreme profanities because you seem to support their views. I have never contradicted myself, though many of comments are often deleted by the moderator. 

    • It is not me who is serving the interest of people of Jhapa but the likes of you and this paper. It is not me who is creating disharmony and rift in our society but the likes of you and this paper. Its not me who do not appreciate peace that prevail in Bhutan but the likes of you and this paper. – This comment of mine might not get published. Lets see. 

  19. Accountability and drawing the line- how far should we go back, in response to Phuntsho:
    On the issue of people holding accountability and drawing the line: when the case is backed up by evidences of having blatantly violated the Rules, criteria, Kahos, Laws and the very Land which we can see having transferred in their names – what else (you need) more than this naked TRUTH. WE WANT TO SEE JUSTICE AND FAIR AMOUNT OF PENALT YAWARDED . If there are cases of scandals/misuse with concrete evidences leading to miscarriage of justice as in the case of Geylposhing – this is where the line is being drawn, irrespective of when it happened- they deserved to be brought to the justice. Like the AWP, AWP, AWP, AWP ?????????????. Like the Gelephu case, Like the Samtse mining?

    Phuntsho: No amount of your maneuvering, contradictory statements, wolf in sheep’s cloths can defeat the simple TRUTH! Ultimately TRUTH will prevail over everything, be patient and see the outcome staring from Monggar Court. Phuntsho, I am, and all my relatives, and my circle of friends are for TRUTH and this is something we do not compromise in grabbing the land at the expense of others. While doing so, totally disregarding the Kashos, criteria, framework/norms as if they can get any land from any Dzongkhags! What happened to AWP, AWP, AWP, AWP ?????????????. Like the Gelephu case, Like the Samtse mining? Phuntsho-you want to treat –Gyelposhing differently from these………??????

  20. PHUNTSHO: I DON’T CARE HOWEVER IF YOU TRY TO MANEUVER LIKE A CUNNING JACKAL, WHAT I CARE IS TRUTH. Sorry if your name OR YOUR RELATIVES ARE included in the list of Gyelposhing scandal. But they have to face the music.Like the AWP, AWP, AWP, AWP ?????????????. Like the Gelephu case, Like the Samtse mining?

  21. Sunmoom, whatever your name means to you. Evidence is only established through investigation. And those evidence may or may not prove part of strong defense or prosecution in the court, depending on the interpretations of laws. Legally it is understood that the correct interpretation is the one given by the court, not the one  you and I give.  Are you therefore ready to investigate further into the past to establish evidence for various other possible corruptions? Or are you telling me that there would be no other corruptions than Gyelpozing scam in the past? 

    Alright I am being patient but its you who cast so much doubt on OAG and the Courts. Its you who is crying aloud that there is a conflict of interest, that OAG is a puppet, that Judiciary is not independent. Its you who is preempting the result. Be patient older brother, take deep breaths, if you can’t relax why don’t you count back from million to zero. It might help a bit. 

  22. Because he says he is consistent despite contradictions. Phuntsho is a hired gun, hired by Those involved in the case to kill the voice of descent. This paper is walking in the street if it was human being as strike against corrupt. Still phuntso has time to grow up and know the difference between individuals and government. I wish he knows soon.

  23. Phuntsho: I can now read you clearly; you are neither the supporter of the DPT, nor PDP or the new parties. You do not have any interest in any of these. What you have is other interests- which I can now see something in you. Do not try to be smart, there are more smart people like those who have responded to you with clarity and intelligence. Thanks to our MONARCHS for making us intelligent through higher education and other opportunities so that we can defend out motherland with pride and dignity.
    Phuntsho – we are discussing here a very focused and tangible case (Gyelposhing)- your intention has always been after something. When it comes to our MONARCHS, there is no two way about it—–He is the SAVIOUR and HE is ULTIMATELY like our God. Phuntsho—–seriously, you have a very different intentions and trying to dig something in the name of GYELPOSHING. We know it, we can handle a CHEAP PERSON LIKE YOU. And I won’t mind challenging you in person because I have my indestructible weapon that is the TRUTH, whereas you do not have any base and you are after something which is against the larger interest of our Nationhood. IF YOU DARE , I DARE to debate in person on ANY TOPIC that you may like to propose or else I can propose. YOU ARE A DAMN Cheap GUY- a JACKAL in ship’s cloth—-unfortunately you seemed to be an odd man trying to find a space, I feel pity with such guys—so poor, so cheap.

    • Well, for the first time in your comments I can see some signs of defeat and I can feel the anger built in your burning heart. That is the problem when you let your emotions do the talk rather than your intelligence.  And I will not dwell into repeating anything since there is no need. However I can only conclude that you use the weaponry of ‘investigative journalism’ to deduce everything. You have now proven that I am neither DPT, nor PDP or the new parties but I am a Jackal in ship’s cloth. Evidence-based? 100%. Keep up the work.  

  24. Phuntsho can u pls tell us what happened to police chief n his  adali case. Why non result? 

  25. Phuntsho: On the issue of casting doubt on AG of the OAG, he has to do a proper job. He has been given the previledge of this position. We do not know what has been done to Chang Ugyen’s case. But OAG was swift and precise when it came to AWP, AWP, AWP, AWP, AWP?????. Chang Ugyen land needs to be confiscated, how land from Thimphu (Capital city) be exchanged from other Dzongkhags. If there was any lapses from the AG during the prosecution of this case, the AG needs to take responsibility, including possibility of termination from the services.

    • So, you do agree that you cast doubts on OAG. And you did so to the courts as well. You preempt the result because you listen to your emotions. Sorry I have heard of Chang Ugyen’s case but are you sure it was investigated by ACC and then the OAG prosecuted him whereby the Court came with such a verdict, of land replacement from other Dzongkhags? I think he is yet to be prosecuted or the ACC is yet to investigate him. 
      I was waiting for theBhutanese to name the five or buyers who offered to replace the Land for Chang Ugyen from other Dzongkhags. Please take not that  OAG can only prosecute not pass verdict. You are talking as if the AG gives a verdict. Its high time to refresh some of the legal experts you have got including the former AG MP Damchoe Dorji. 

  26. Phuntsho: Oh, you are waiting the names of other five buyers as gifts to your siblings in ….and third country settlement. You see, I am good at figuring your intentions and your credentials. When people have absence of base, it is only natural that their statements will reflect very contradictorily. I know, you are after something…..

    • I know you are good at figuring out something because you got the skills of investigative journalism. Don’t you?  And I am sure you use that as a tool, perhaps a formula to figure out anything from people’s comments. Objectively you have not answered or argued up on my questions. 

  27. What the Gyelposhing case has told us is that there will be many more cases of land grab which happened prior to 2008, what I can’t understand is why this paper has no interest in them. Some people have even pointed out where to go looking. It now seems like this paper has been sidetracked by the Republican Dr. forget what his name is, attack on our GNH policy which this paper seems to be gleefully endorsing.

  28. Much has been written about the Gyapozhing controversy which was first uncovered by the Bhutanese. The findings of the Anti-corruption Commission more or less confirmed the investigative reporting by the Bhutanese.

    Kuensel which was nurtured by our Monarchs and enjoyed the government’s support since its inception and expected to function as an objective media house, has proved to be a huge disappointment. In particular one its reporters, Rinzin Wangchuk who lost no time in picking up the Bhutanese Newspaper’s ‘droppings’ resorted to one of the dirtiest tricks in the media business – sensationalism – by publishing names of those who belong to the institution all Bhutanese revere deeply – an Institution that has done so much for our country and is the complete opposite of the typical politician in our region. Had it been in Thailand this reporter would have been reprimanded (or worse) by the government and public. Hope that our Privy Council & BICMA is observing the habit of Kuensel and some of its reporters whose tactics are questionable. Cheap shots by journalists are nothing new, but to try and destroy an institution which is the only guarantee for our survival as an independent country, is quite despicable and smacks of ngolop traits.

    This same reporter’s latest Kuensel piece, ‘ Allotment process was not questioned ‘ says it all and reveals his slant. Not only is he trying to defend the indefensible but trying to give the impression that he is ‘bold’ and ‘fearless’ by breaking an unwritten taboo. 

  29. Phuntsho: You also have raised an issue and recommended Dawa of BBS to discuss your topic of concern in the Talk show. That’s why, I said, you had your hidden agenda instead of genuinely discussing on the current topic of Gyelposhing. I had doubly reconfirmed your credential and therefore, it is not too surprising to note what your views represent.

    • Excuse me? I recommended Dawa to discuss my topic? Are you genuinely not mistaken? Are you not mistaking somebody for me? I do not remember recommending anybody to discuss anything, anywhere. Or have you just deduced through your skills of investigative analysis that I am also that somebody . And you claim that you have reconfirmed my credential twice? Of course through your investigative power again. I did not know, I am popular, thank you. Perhaps I am sounding bit eerie to you. For your own credibility sake please stop deducing, inferring, or concluding people from their comments. 

  30. i am sure the two guys in this foram are non other then a high ranking from OAG probably (AG) as Phuntsho and a the only lawyer in the opposition (Sunmoom). If such are the intension of the highest decision making bodies then i doubt what result can they bring to the commom good.

    • Sunmoom confirmed, reconfirmed and did a double check on my credentials. So if you any doubt as to who I may be, he is the best person you can approach. Otherwise I am just an ordinary citizen who believes in peace, who believes in moving forward, who believes in cherishing the rich heritage and Monarchs that we were and are blessed with, who believes in people’s freedom and right but with optimism, responsibilities and duties. It is therefore my duty, not to believe whatever newspaper reports but analyse myself, it is my duty to show respect to the elected leaders, it is my duty to cherish our cultural heritage and great Monarchs, it is my duty to do my fair share and responsibly express my opinions. All these to making a better Bhutan, a united one as we are. 

  31. Hi Someone:
    As for Phuntsho, I cannot comment your views. But for your views on my identity as ( Only Lawyer in the opposition), you are completely wrong. I must admit that MP Damcho Dorji is a highly respectable man as may be the case with me, I do not know. But we are different in terms of individuals, our birth place and ethnicity. But we may be holding same ideals, principles and ethos. As I stand for TRUTH, looks like he also stands for the TRUTH and INTEGRITY. May be these values and principles bind us together and therefore, you think I am Layer from the opposition party (mistaken for MP Damcho D). But I should also admit my ignorance in regards to higher qualification in Law- he is a professional in Law who has completed all the degrees in Law whereas I am from a different background of educational qualification.
    The only qualification of law I have is, I use “Common Sense” when it comes to issues that deals with legal matters. But I am totally against CORRUPTION and misuse of GOVERNMENT RESOURCES which can easily go to common citizens through development Projects. This will be always my objectives to demand whoever is in the government to help the common people and try to reduce the comforts of the Ministers/MPs/influential family so that the money saved from their luxury lives could go to the development projects and benefits the common citizens.

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