What will weigh people’s vote for 2013 NA elections

The voters that reside in Thimphu are physically and mentally prepared for the poll day, some are determined to travel to their constituencies to cast their one vote in support of the candidates and parties of their choice.

While some voters have decided to go by manifestos to judge parties, some will go by outcomes such as achievement, failures, and corruption issues involving the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT).

In the case of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), voters want to weigh the implications and benefits of its promises.

A government employee from Trashigang, Tshewang Jamtsho has already sent his vote through the postal ballot. He is now waiting for the general election results.

Commenting on DPT manifesto he said, “It has the broad perspectives which revolves around philosophy of the Gross National Happiness (GNH), and on the other hand PDP has specific development philosophy like providing two helicopters, 205 Boleros for all gewogs.”

That way, he added, DPT goes by the level of outcome which is literally difficult to measure and monitor, but PDP’s output level is easy to monitor or measure.

“But both are more or less good in their respective intentions and perspective,” he said.

On making a choice among the parties he said, “I will choose according to the candidate’s ability to represent us in the house, he should be a person who can represent us and at his/her party level I will see how realistic is the party’s manifesto, how can it help us, country and government.”

A private employee from Trashiyangtse, Tshering Lhabu is excited to travel and vote for the upcoming general election.

He shared views on the PDP’s manifesto, on providing helicopters, power tillers for each chiwog, petrol stations, automobile workshops, Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) shops, and 100% youth employment.

About the DPT’s manifesto he said that it is plainly visible that it revolves around the philosophy of GNH which includes practicing self-reliance, improvement of rural life, further strengthen promotion health and education, solve rupee problem, enhance enlargement of existing tourism industry.

He said, “I will not go for the party solely because of its president, but also look at the experienced candidates in the party, and then vote.”

Another voter from Pemagatshel, Dechen Wangmo who drives a taxi in Thimphu said she has no idea about the manifesto of DPT, but she understood PDP’s pledges to provide helicopters, ambulances, power-tillers, Boleros, and to increase of maternity leave for women.

When it comes to voting, she said she will vote for candidate that shows potential, and she is moving to her village on July 10, so as to not miss the opportunity to cast her vote.

One of the shopkeepers at Thimphu, Galey Dendup from Zhemgang said he has no idea of the manifesto of both the political party.

“I will vote for the capable party,” he added. He will travel two or three days prior to the poll day to his constituency in Zhemgang to cast his vote.

Thukten Zangpo/Thimphu

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  1. Primary round election was for chosing the right leader who can bring changes but in general election, we have to see the capability of the candidate rather than the party and leader. After we need somebody to effectively represent us in the parliament. We should be careful in chosing the right candidates.

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