Who will be the next Dangribu Tshogpa?

A has-been, a confident second timer and a probable public favorite will stand hopeful as less-than 2000 residents go to polls today

Dangribu chiwog under Dagana Dzongkhag will have a new Tshogpa after today’s polling day where a Tshogpa will be elected. All the preparation for the day was done ahead and the people in the chiwog are excited to go voting for the day.

Nichula Gewog’s Gup Dhilip Kumar Gurung said Police personnel have been deployed for safe and successful voting today.

A 34 year old Ran Bdr, one of the three contestants for the election said he has a normal feeling and cannot predict what the day would be like for him and feels there is a 50-50 chance.

He feels there is 50% support from the public.

Ran Bdr studied till fifth grade in Nichula Primary School and could not continue with his studies due to financial problem. He is married and has four children.

He is a farmer and also son of ex-Tshogpa Birkha Bdr Bhattarai who inspired him and learnt a lot from his father when he was Tshogpa then.

He said “If I win I would look upon the Chiwog’s work and further develop the chiwog.”

Of the three, he feels his competitor is Kumar while he feels Ganesh is less competent since he is contesting for the second time after losing last year.

The next contestant Kumar, a 38 year old is a Basic Health Worker (BHW) and studied up to third grade. He is pretty much confident that he will win since he has good links with the public as well as relatives to support him.

If he were to win, he said “I would try to reduce the problems faced by the public as well as bring some developments in the chiwog”.

Kumar too feels his competitor should be Ran Bdr. He is married with four children.

Ganesh Powdyel who is contesting for the second time says he is not confident but will see what happens on the day since the area is small which means lesser number of public.

He said, “Not all the people are same, so can’t say.”

Ganesh, who lost elections in 2011 with 27 ‘yes’ and 28 ‘no’ votes said there were many factors for losing since not many could not vote and some had problems with the documents, some had census problems while some were out of station.

“Moreover this time too public wanted me to contest for the second time,” he added.

However he feels Ran Bdr Bhattarai is most capable of all.

Ganesh had a much higher qualification than the other two counter parts. He studied till seventh grade from Gonpasingma Lower Secondary School under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag.

There are 600 eligible voters from among the almost 1,100 residents.

The election time is from 9 am till 5 pm.


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