Who will be the next Dungse Rinpoche?

It has been more than two months since the revered Nyingma master Dungse Thrinly Norbu Rinpoche passed away and since  then his presence is missed around the globe by thousands of devotees.

Now, the question doing the rounds is, who will take his place?

In the Buddhist context, a lineage is necessary to uphold the core values and teachings of a master and so it is in the case of Dungse Rinpoche. Apart from being a great master, he is also the father of three prestigious figures in the Bhutanese Buddhist society, Garab Rinpoche, Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche and Jampal Trulku.

The process of finding Dungse Rinpoche’s reincarnation is not a rigorous phenomenon nor can it be a random process. The Buddhist community believes that a special chant called nyur bjyon soel doep (a chant or a prayer for the Rinpoche to return) might have been composed for the master. The chants contain wishes and prayers asking the Almighty to that Dungse rinpoche be reborn in this realm to liberate sentient beings once again. The  chants would have been composed right after Dungse Rinpoche’s passing away.

Senior masters in the Buddhist sphere say that people should chant this moenlam with great faith, which will Rinpoche be reborn in this world. Later in a vision a wise and eminent Buddhist master would see where exactly the reincarnation would be born.

With regard to Dungse rinpoche, people believe that it will be one of his three sons who would see these visions guided by Dakinis and Yidams.  The moenlam will be performed even during the mechoe (funeral) of the late Dungse Rinpoche and will continue for days until a reincarnation is recognized.

“He can be born in Bhutan if the Bhutanese have enough faith, but I pray that he be born in a place where a Buddhist master of his caliber is really needed,” said a Khenpo from the Gangtey shedra which is also known for its Nyingma lineage.

At times a reincarnation is not always found or born, in which case if the Rinpoche does not have any children or spouse, an interim successor is appointed in order to continue the lineage but these cases are rare and generates a lot of controversy in the Buddhist world.

So even if the Dungse Rinpoche’s reincarnation takes time to be recognized it is expected that his three sons would continue to take on their father’s legacy.

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