A young Bhutanese man who allegedly committed suicide in Dubai has sparked debate on social media and I am only hoping and praying that it has done the same for every Bhutanese who aren’t online.

Commenting “RIP” on a post shared by people who do nothing but blame the government, or the agency or somebody is futile and truthfully pathetic. It is not a bad thing to comment or to lament over the death of the young man, but it really questions your liability to accept things at face value.

There are thousands of Bhutanese on Facebook who have read articles that concludes the agency or the government as a shady organisation in this case and in-directly blames them for the death of this young man.

Everybody is lamenting over his death and even more with his story of being financially unstable and how he was not able to achieve his dream of coming to Dubai and living a good life. Although,  the existing system the government or certain agencies practice should be revised to prevent such situations from occurring in the future. It is complete absurdity, to say that the agency or MOLHR should be held responsible for his death.

The priority of any agency like most businesses is to make your visa and help you settle down as in making sure you get the job you agreed on before you left the country. No agency will carry the burden of making sure you are emotionally stable by sending you e-mails and calling you every two months to make sure you are not missing home cooked food. Living abroad is hard, and even more challenging for those that suffer from financial shortage. But that does not mean that the agency or MOLHR should be condemned for his death.

The deceased’s death is clearly a result of emotional baggage of not being able to adjust with the life style and his concerns over his financial standings.

Living and working abroad is not just black and white, especially when there are such high expectations from the visiting party. Everything is different and individuals need to consider all these factors before they decide to leave home and borrow money to pay agents.

We have to make everyone aware of how challenging it is to work outside of your home. However, doing this job may not be at the best interest of certain agents as it puts their customers at stake. As a result, it is the job of this common man- like you, and I who instead of simply being a sheep must call for resolution and spread the emotional challenge that we all must consider or be prepared for if we desire to work abroad.

We live in a beautiful yet a very dangerous time: Majority are able to read and write, yet only some are brave enough to challenge mediocrity and question prejudiced stands. An ironical time during a period of technological revolution where emotions over rule facts and facts seem as the enemy of society.

By Tashi Wangmo

Courtesy www.tashiwangmo.com

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