Who’s knocking ?

Some residents of Thimphu say that unknown people pretending to be cable TV repairmen are knocking on doors with less than honorable intentions.

Pema, 28, who lives near the farmers’ market, said she   experienced this kind of suspicious activity when she stayed home the whole day due to illness. “I was sleeping when someone knocked my door around 3 pm. I opened the door and found a man standing near the door who asked which cable service I was using,” Pema said. “When I said Etho Metho he left and our pet dog kept barking at him. He wasn’t wearing a cable service uniform and he kept looking inside.”

Pema said he knocked again for the second time after 10 minutes but was chased by the dog chased until the steps and then the third time someone forcibly tried to open the door.

Tashi, a student of YHSS, said she was alone at home when a person knocked the door thrice at around 7:30 pm. “My family had gone for a birthday dinner and I had stayed back to prepare for my presentation the next day” she said. “I did not open the door since the person never replied when I asked who it was several times. I was scared and I called my parents.”

Tshering, who resides in Babesa, said that her family faced an incident when a man came inside and picked remote control thinking that it was a mobile.

She also said the man tried to molest her sister. “She screamed and the man fled from the scene,” she said.

Colonel Dorji Wangchuk of the Royal Bhutan Police  (RBP) said they have not received any written complaint on the issue as of now.

He said they would be more vigilant from now on. “We will call the TV cable people and file the detail identity of their employees,” he said.

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