Why Bhutan has no community cases

So far, Bhutan has not detected any positive cases from the community.

NI-TAG member Dr Sonam Wangchuk said there are multi-factors. Bhutan has a high vaccine coverage, frequent advocacy and sensitization in the southern borders, and the other one is epidemiology. Since the neighboring country is not detecting positive cases, unlike in the past few months, when there are not many positive cases, Bhutan does not have it as well, and vice-versa. Globally, it says that it has decreased and in the region also, it is much stable now.

However, if the country detects positive cases from the community or few cases through imports/exports, groups who received both the doses will somehow be protected, but the spread of virus could be more on children six years and above. He said children are less susceptible.

Meanwhile, the government announced the reopening of entertainment centers in the low-risk areas. Dr Sonam Wangchuk said no country is safe or has zero risks at all, neither in the low-risk nor the high-risks areas. If people follow the protocol strictly, low-risk areas are safe as compared to high-risk areas.

“Those who visits karaoke bars and discotheques are adults, and fully vaccinated, so I don’t see a big outbreak among the vaccinated cohort. Also among vaccinated, the infection period is very short,” Dr Sonam Wangchuk further added.

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