Why I Wear His Majesty’s Badge

Although it is completely a personal choice to wear a badge that one wishes, however, it is utterly odd to see wide ranges of badges being worn by our youth today.

It is tempting for me to share my personal feelings and so I am sharing this as a concerned citizen and not as an expert. 

 There is a vast array of badges with their own symbol and purpose in the market. Different people wear different badges for different reasons like promotion, identification, appreciation, honor, gratitude, respect and identity. 

 The badge originated back in medieval times from the coat of arms carried by knights on their left side. For that reason, it is worn on the left chest of the uniformed personnel, over the heart and is a reminder of the pledges or duty to protect law and order. 

 Most people wear badges in formal events like office hours, meetings and concerts. It also shows one’s personality and to style one’s outfit in the public space. However, wearing good badges of His Majesty The King gives coolness and dignity, closeness and identity. Perhaps, it makes one a complete wholesome citizen. 

 A wide variety of badges can be worn on the left side of one’s chest, just near the heart, well positioned to make one look good and smart. It shows one’s maturity and well-mannered personality in all events.

However, with changing time and style, especially with our (high school) youth, wearing or putting up different kinds of badges like Korean Stars, English Stars, Che Guevara, Bob Marley, Marijuana Leaf Symbol, World Football Club and Rasta Colored badges have all become very popular in our close knit society.

Wearing or hanging of different kinds of badges that too in a wrong or odd place is becoming a cool fashion among youth which is a bit worrisome. 

 Idealizing stars –is such a small act, yet it is a very symbolic action and it can be seen as a threat to loss of one’s own personality, and more importantly one’s identity. There are countries and people who don’t have any fixed national symbols to call as their own, forget about the dreams of King and good political leaders, they wish to have.

However, we have so much in place to call our national treasure and identity. We must encourage our people, especially school going children to wear badges of His Majesty The King, National flag, National animal, National flower, National emblem and scout badges among others, which are worth wearing. 

 Let me share what I know about the order in which one must put, or wear badges. For all kinds of badges one wishes to wear, His Majesty’s badge gets the top position on the left chest, near the heart. For example, if one has two badges to put, one is His Majesty’s badge and the other is name badge, His Majesty’s badge should be placed on the top followed by the other badge. Similar hierarchy should be followed for the other badges one wishes to wear. 

 I always wish or love to wear His Majesty’s badge, which makes me a true and proud Bhutanese citizen. I always want to keep our King close to my heart because he is our national hero and idol. I admire him for his dedication and service to the nation. Wearing His Majesty’s badge gives me so much personal satisfaction and happiness. 

 As I love my country, I love my King so much for making us live happily under his dynamic leadership. He is our living God and a savior, a guard and a protector, shield and a guardian of peace. He is a symbol of PEACE.

 I always want to carry His Majesty on my chest, near my heart, so that it gives me a lot of power and courage, tenacity and persistence, righteousness and virtuousness in my actions and character that makes me honest in my everyday work. 

 When I see His Majesty on my chest, near my heart, my sorrow slowly fades away like the perfume. I thank His Majesty for his selfless leadership. He is always on my chest, near my heart as a savior, knight, champion and celebrity.

 Let me share one small encounter I had in Seoul, South Korea during my fellowship study. I had His Majesty’s badge on my chest, close to my heart. Ready for the day’s program. As I was walking out from the hotel, one of my African friends felt so proud of me wearing a beautiful badge of His Majesty. “I proudly said”, “he is my handsome King, King of Bhutan”.

Every day of my classes began so well and ended so well, I could learn so much in a beautiful country. On another occasion, other Korean friends and students asked me about my badge, I replied the same just pointing with my finger, “he is my handsome King, King of Bhutan”. They all replied in august, “your King is so handsome and smart”. I told them, he is fair and tall as well!

 I’d many beautiful memories and encounters of wearing His Majesty’s badge. So school is a good place to nurture our habits as the youth will become the country’s future. 

By Sancha Bdr Rai

The author is a teacher at Zhemgang Central School but the views shared are his own.  

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