Wild traffic in Bhutan

The two most frustrating parts for most office going people are mornings and evenings while driving to work and back.

This is not to say that we are a saintly crowd for we sure do have our offenders but it is nothing in comparison to the hall of shame of traffic offenders I will list out below.

The worst and most brazen on the list are Tipper Truck drivers who by their sheer size seem to be immune to any known traffic rules. Usually manned by some young jerk they drive in the most reckless manner and endanger lives.

The second offender on the list is –you guessed it – Taxi drivers who all seem to come from a collective tribe of the most irritating drivers on planet earth. They honk, they overtake dangerously, they shout, they fume and they stop where they like.

The third offenders on the list are owners of big vehicles like SUV’s who somehow think that ‘might is right’ or more accurately ‘size is right’. They have gotten it into their arrogant heads wearing the perpetual blind man glasses (sun glasses) that just because they have a jazzy car they can ride rough shod. This group has the least excuse of all to behave like a traffic bimbo but chooses to be one.

The fourth offenders here are wild two wheelers who mistake themselves to be characters from DHOOM then normal humans.

The fifth offender on the list is private vehicle owners who have neither the knowledge nor patience for traffic rules.

The sixth and final offender is the traffic cop who sees violations taking place but simply turns his or her head away.

Opinion by Tashi

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