Winter Vacation: Explore Bhutan

Vacation is always a favorite time for students after long period of study. Students wait the entire year for winter vacation with a hope to explore something new and spend time with families and friends. For parents in the rural areas, it’s an additional helping hand for household works and for urban parents, its time to search for some program to engage their child. The story is not same with everyone.

However, the concept of vacation is changing gradually in Bhutan. Most parents and even children don’t like and don’t want to spend their vacation in Bhutan. They would rather go to foreign places such as Bangkok and Singapore to spend holidays.

Do our children really learn from foreign vacations? This is the context parents have to really study. A learning age needs more comprehensive exploration rather than only enjoyment.

Bhutan still has hidden treasures to explore. As part of the Himalayan biodiversity hot spot, the last Shangri-la is still unique to the world. Exploring our rich environment and cultural heritage will enhance a child’s learning capacity and the importance of belonging to this country. Understanding the presence of nature will coordinate children to try to explore the importance of the nature.

Visiting sites of most holy places like Paro and Bumthang will be an amazing vacation to learn about the history of Guru Rinpoche applying classroom knowledge. Phobjikha will explore the migrant bird Black-necked crane, which is common story in the classroom. Small domestic business like farmhouse, village restaurants, eco-lodge and many others will benefit. Moreover, children will also learn different customs and lifestyles.

Understanding the importance and objective of the vacation is a key component for enhancing the growth of a child’s mentality.

By Nim Dorji

The writer is a researcher

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