Women detained for accident with no license

Thimphu police arrested a 29 year old woman on 7th April after a car she was driving hit a class 7 student in Motithang, on the road just above the Motithang BoD.

The accident took place in the morning at around 8 AM when the father went to drop his daughter in school. Along with the victim, another two (son and father) were slightly hit by her car when she lost control after hitting the victim.

Upon interrogation, police were told that, she lost control and was nervous when she met with the city garbage collector who was coming towards her. As she lost control, she happened to hit the student and the other two.

The 11 year old victim is in stable condition but with a fracture on her right leg. No injury has been reported for the other two except for getting a scare.

She was driving with a learner license and was alone during the time of accident. According to the law a person with a learner license is supposed to have accompanied by a person with a driving license.

She is under police custody and will be dealt as per the penal code of Bhutan.


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