Women Poenkhas across Bhutan receive Gyentag

gyentagWomen Poenkhas across the country have received Gyentag, an insignia equivalent to the Patag worn by men, from His Majesty The King.

Gyentag which translates to “Symbol of Responsibility”, is worn pinned like a brooch.

As with the Patag, His Majesty The King confers the Gyentag to those women who have received the red scarf, or have been appointed to certain positions. So far, the Gyentag has been conferred to women recipients of the Red Scarf, ministers, constitutional post holders, members of parliament, ambassadors, drangpons and dzongdas.

Women constitutional post holders and ambassadors, whose counterparts wear the white Kabney without fringes and Patag, have also been conferred the white Rachu along with the Gyentag. Women government secretaries will be also eligible for this Rachu and Gyentag.

The design of Gyentag is inspired by the traditional brooch pin Thingkhab. It comprises of the National Emblem of Bhutan in gold, with the colours of the National Flag incorporated in the lower portion, and is inlaid with stones of jade and coral.

As more and more women occupy positions of responsibility and leadership across the country, the Gyentag recognizes the contribution of women to society as well as the equal status of women in the country.

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