Works on full throttle to complete 10th FYP activities

People in Langthel are working towards completing the works planned for the 10th Five Year Plan within four years, according to the Langthel Gup, Lham Dorji.“With the next elections approaching nearer, the works which initially was scheduled for five years have to be finished within this year,” he said. There is a series of works being carried out in this gewog including three new farm roads construction in Wangling, Jangbi and Beyzam; the road for Jangbi will be completed in June 2012 while the others have time till December. Works for water supply are also on at the same time. In five chiwogs which consist of 12 villages, water supply is being renovated. Further, only one village comprising 20 households remains in need of a new water supply. People of Langthel will also have a crematorium – a 1.5mn project gifted for the people by Choe dang lamsel (a religious organization) by June.

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