World Economic Forum honors Bhutanese


483069_10151419087360552_571055097_nThe present Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) candidate from Dogar-Shaba constituency in Paro and a former Zimpon wogma to His Majesty the King was conferred the award of Young Global Leader 2013 by the World Economic Forum recently.

“I am pleasantly surprised and doubly humbled that I have been named and honored as a 2013 Young Global Leader to shape the global future. Personally, it’s not important that I got this honor but a Bhutanese got this honor and that’s important. It means we have reached a stage where any Bhutanese can aspire to compete with anyone in the world at the global level,” said Nima Tshering. He also added that ‘the honor is a big responsibility and that the need to work even harder has become the most essential,” said Nima Tshering in an interview with this paper.

As humbled as Nima Tshering could be, he dedicates this honor to the people of Bhutan that gave him an opportunity to serve, to His Majesty the King, the King that inspired him how to serve, and to the youth of Bhutan who, he believes, is the hope to shape Bhutan’s future and global future at large.

The honor that Nima Tshering has been awarded will help Bhutan in ‘global agenda setting’ in the economic forums as the economic factor is important for it drives the developments and helps Bhutan to ‘positively impact the global agenda.’

“The point that came home to me is that you and Chelsea Clinton are on the same list. You are truly my most exceptional student in 36 years of teaching and I see you as my Bhutanese ‘son’.”

This was the message Nima Tshering received in a mail from Piet Beukman, Director at University of Cantebury, New Zealand.

Nima Tshering has a Masters in Public Administration/International Development from Harvard University, USA.   He resigned last September from His  Majesty’s Secretariat, and joined politics to realize the dream of His Majesty to ‘strengthen democracy’  and to put “stories from our villages into the center of Bhutan’s public policies and laws that affect our people’s lives.”


Puran Gurung / Thimphu

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