Would-be victim escapes with loud shouting and crying



A 19-year-old girl escaped her attacker in Wangduephodrang by crying and screaming at the top of her voice on May 27.

The victim is a school dropout.

At the time of the incident, the girl went to switch on the lights to her father’s construction site where laborers work late nights.  The connection to the light switch was located at a distance in the father’s office.

On that unfortunate day, the suspect asked the victim to switch on the lights to the construction site. The house of the victim was adjacent to the father’s office.

The unsuspecting girl walked towards the office to switch on the lights, unaware that the suspect had been following her. As soon has the girl had reached the door of the office, the suspect pushed her inside a room in the office, and tried to take off her clothes.

The girl who struggled to fight back shouted and cried loudly for help, but no one showed up. Out of fear that people might gather hearing the girl’s screams, the suspect fled the scene.

During the time of the crime, the girl’s parents were out attending a relative’s funeral gathering, and left her alone to look after two little children.

The same night, when the parents arrived, the father saw the girl crying and upon asking, the girl narrated the whole incident.

The police were informed immediately about the crime, and the suspect has been arrested in the same night after the complaint was lodged.

The suspect who confessed to the crime is 25-year-old man from Cooch Bihar. He was working at the construction site for the last two months.

It has been learnt by this paper that the suspect will be charged with attempted rape case.

Chencho Dema

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