Yet to decide on Nima Tshering: DNT

The Druk Namrup Tshogpa (DNT) has said they would consider whether or not to take in Nima Tshering as a party member and candidate after they hear his side of the story and get the facts straightened out.

A former DNT member, Nima Tshering is accused of using an optical device in Australia to clandestinely film three Bhutanese women while they were bathing. He was convicted by a court in Melbourne and was asked to pay 2,119 Australian dollars.

DNT party manager Phurba said they were worried about what was posted on social media about Nima Tshering.

However, he said that Nima Tshering deregistered from the party after the 2013 election and currently is not a party member.

“He is DNT’s ex-candidate and is known by the party members, nevertheless, it is not in our hand to decide if we can take him back as a candidate as we do not have the right to do so,” Phurba said.

He also said that they have constituency coordinator, members and supporters to decide if they want the same candidate or if they want to go for a new candidate.

“Since he deregistered we have no right to say if he can be the candidate again,” he added. “Since the incident we never met him in person as he is still out of country and this is why we cannot come to any conclusion.”

Current party President Dr Tandin Dorji said they cannot give any judgment in absence of the person concerned.  “The person is not here to give his part of the story and what the media and social media has done are take decisions on everybody’s behalf,” he said. “We are concerned but we cannot make a decision based on what has come out and when time comes we will hear his part of the story along with which, we will read the verdict, consider all the facts and then make a decision.”

“Although he may be a very prominent person, candidate and a member, if the verdict and the decision are such that it is impossible for him then we will not take him in,” said Dr Tandin Dorji.  “However, if it is fair and clear then it will be considered,” he said.

Jigme Dorji said that, “We have a rules and regulations of the party whereby it says that the country comes first whereby if anything is going against the country then we don’t accept them while the party comes second and the person comes third”.

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  1. The case against Nina Tshering was based on the complaint made by fellow Bhutanese women sharing the same apartment and he was proved guilty regardless of what the truth was. Therefore, as a supporter, I would like to suggest DNT to not accept him as a candidate if he applies as this will spoil the party image and other political parties can and will use this issue for political gain.

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