Young graduate to start a waste control business with funding from BOIC

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) graduate, 2007, from India, Rikesh Gurung, 30, has plans to set up an industry which will help control the plastic waste problem in the country by using plastic in the construction of roads.

His plans are finally coming to fruition as he will be constructing of the plant in December in the Jemina Industrial Estate in Thimphu, this year, with funding from Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOIC).

Rikesh Gurung said that waste plastic will be collected and then used in the construction of the roads by mixing with bitumen. The method of road construction is the same, but his industrial technology will save bitumen. For example, the construction of 1 KM of road would need 10 tons of bitumen. However, using the new technology, 1 ton of bitumen would be saved as it will be replaced by 1 ton of plastic. After completion, the road need not require maintenance for ten years.

He said that government is using about 4000 tons of bitumen for the maintaining pot holes and repairing of roads and spending about Nu 240mn in a year. He said if the technology is implemented, roads do not require maintenance for at least 10 years. He said that it is a proven technology and there will be 100% increase in the road strength because the plastic component will protect the road from rain water seepage.

He said it is pathogenic technology and only a certificate and authorized person can handle this project. “I got training from India on how to handle this project, so I would be the first person to do this project,” Rikesh Gurung said.

He said he required about Nu 7 mn to set up this plant. “I have tried to seek help from banks, but bank require collaterals. And also tried to seek help from foreign agencies but they were willing to help in the 12th FYP, but I was planning to start immediately. BOIC was established, I submitted my detailed project profile to BOIC. After looking at my proposal, BOIC have approved my proposal and will help to provide a fund of Nu 7 mn for this project,” he said.

He said that the Loden Foundation had also approved his proposal, but the foundation provided only Nu 1.5 mn.

“BOIC was a great help to me and my dream have come true,” Rikesh Gurung said.

He said that he will initially employ 25 youth in the plant. He said the technology will help solve the plastic waste problem in the country and save the government funds used for repairing and maintenance of roads.

“To get government job, it is very difficult. Be a job creator, entrepreneurship culture is very important so if youths have any idea to set up small business, share it to BOIC or Loden Foundation. It will be great help to youths,” he said.

Rikesh Gurung shared that he has been working in a construction company to gain some experience in road construction.

The BOIC was established in December 2013 to promote the growth of cottage and small manufacturing activities and non-formal rural activities within the country.

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