Youth gang assaults and robs foreign national

A group of youths, ranging between 14 year to 18 year robbed a 46 year old man on 14 September at around 9:30 PM. The victim is a Bangladeshi citizen working in the Bangladesh embassy to Bhutan. The group of youths consist of four boys and one girl.

The incident took place near swimming pool when the victim was walking back home alone while returning from the trade fair.

The victim got scared after seeing some barking stray dogs whereby he tried to escape and found the group. They walked together from an area near Druk Pizza and after reaching in the middle one among them offered a cigarette, which he refused to take.

However, after reaching a road near the swimming pool, the group attacked him suddenly whereby one boy kicked him while he kicked him back. The other boys also started hitting him.

In the process, they started asking for money from him and they snatched a Nu 500 note from the victim which he had taken out from his pant pocket to give them. In addition, later, again one boy took money from his pockets forcefully.

After they took the money from the victim, they ran from the crime scene immediately. Meanwhile, the victim, since he did not receive any physical injuries, did not report the matter to police, however, on 20 September, he reported to the police nearby saying that a girl who was involved in the group that robbed him was spotted in the Zangdhopelri area.

The police managed to arrest the four including a girl while another was arrested from different place on the same day (20 September). Of the five suspects, the girl was released on surety since she did not have a direct involvement. She was arrested for failing to report while the four of them have been detained for further investigation.

From the four suspects, two are school dropouts, one is a class VII student and one has no education background and is an ex-convict. The girl was working as salesgirl in Thimphu.

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