Youth says Bhutan can do better on climate change

A workshop titled UN50 Change Maker Road Show Programme was conducted by the UN office in Bhutan and Royal Thimphu College on climate change from 9th- 11th April and likewise Davos Lab dialogue series on Humanizing Climate change was held in 13thof April with youth leaders both facilitated by the Global Shapers Thimphu Hub (GSTH).

A recent graduate and a project coordinator at Youth Advocacy Network of Bhutan, Sither Dorji said as a youth and an active volunteer he strongly believes that with engagement and participation, volunteerism is very important for climate change and environment conservation.

A Founding Curator of GSTH Thinley Choden said that we cannot go back to our living standards and life style neither can we not develop and grow but we can make better choices and have climate smart developments if not by coming years Bhutan will no longer be carbon negative country.

Shristhi Sharma a solid waste management strategist said she grew up in Thimphu and back then there was no problem of clean drinking water, blockage of drainage and very less waste generation whereas now there is a lot of polluted water around the stream and waste thrown. She says people still lack knowledge on climate change. “I wish the country could live in green economy rather than linear economy with the age of ideas and innovations,” said Shristhi.

Youth Ambassador of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Sonam Rinchen said the country could use more of eco friendly systems like electric stoves; public transports since vehicles are producing the most carbon emission.

The vulnerability of Bhutan’s agriculture has been showcased during events, such as increased frequency of wind and hailstorms, glaciers outburst and erratic rains.

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