Youth Volunteer Group engages students meaningfully

More than 160 youth in Thimphu, aged 8 to 18, are spending time reading, learning music, dance, aerobics, and playing basketball and table tennis in a two-week programme organised by Harmony Youth Volunteers, a youth volunteer group, which began on January 1.

The winter engagement programme, which is an annual event, is fully planned, executed and coordinated by the Harmony Youth Volunteers with support from the Youth Center Division to provide volunteers a platform to develop their leadership qualities and promote volunteerism amongst the youth.

This year the volunteers came up with 8 different activities. The new activity this year includes basic computer course for a month.

The Assistant Programme Officer of Youth Division under Department of Youth and Sports (DYS), Tandin, said the programme engages students with different recreational and educational activities to enrich their aptitudes and acquire educational, societal and life skills needed for their future success. He said that the certificates will be provided at the end of the programme for the future benefit of the students.

The Harmony Youth Volunteers was first launched on August 12, 2010 coinciding with the observation of the International Youth Day. The group works with the Youth Center Division of the Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and supports the Harmony Youth Center in coordinating and implementing programmes and activities. The group also initiates its own activities at the Center.

The current programme ends on January 15.

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