Youth who stay behind get spoilt for choice with job vacancies

The current trend of people going abroad has created opportunities for people who chose not to go abroad.

Yangchen is a 27-year-old high school graduate who has been working at a tech company for 5 years in Thimphu with no plans to leave. She said, “Given the rate at which people are leaving the country, I am pleased by the number of job opportunities that are there for us. However, I worry that if this trend continues, it will be burdensome for us due to labor shortage.”

27-year-old Geeta, a college graduate with a work experience of 4 years living and working in Thimphu, said, “In terms of job opportunities, it is beneficial for graduates like us and people with no means to afford going abroad. Since nowadays, due to huge numbers of people quitting jobs both in the private and government sectors, vacancies are floating every now and then.”

Geeta describes how applying for jobs has changed over time.

“Previously, there would have been one to two job openings for every 100 of us, but today there are many, and fewer applications are showing up, making it simpler to be shortlisted,” she said.

One of the officials from one of the financial institutions also confirmed there are only ten to fifteen applicants for vacancies they float nowadays and confirms attrition is real.

He claimed that finding qualified people has grown challenging.

In addition to more work prospects, there are other advantages and difficulties.

“There is a chance that our youth will have employment opportunities when people who are going to study and work abroad decide to invest in the nation and launch a business but I believe this is not immediate. However, I am more concerned that if the pattern continues, it will negatively impact the country,” said Geeta.

22-year-old Priyanka Acharya also worries about geographic brain drain with professionals leaving.

She said, “I feel that the quality and competency of candidates are being compromised when hiring people. For instance, recently one of the colleges hired all applicants due to a lesser number of applicants than was necessary.”

She said not only is there less competition in the job market but also an increase in vacant homes for rent.

She is pleased that legislation is changing as a result of attrition as she is able to take the Bhutan Civil Service Examination as many times as she likes.

Tandin, 25, is likewise content with the choice and hopes to take the test and serve his nation.

Although many of the fresh graduates and youth working in the country are happy to get better job opportunities, businesses still suffer.

The owner of Wangmo General Shop, Tshering, aged 37, stated that business is down by fifty percent and she is worried if it continues she will not be able to make ends meet. She claimed that since last winter, business has been declining.

The owner of Ugyen Tshongkhang, located in the center of Thimphu City, claimed that business was down 70% from the previous school year.

She said, “We hardly ever sell anything these days, not even discounted stocks.”

It is claimed that if this keeps happening, she will struggle to maintain her business and survive.

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