MoIC Lyonpo D. N Dhungyel opens the center

Youths to build multimedia wings

A multimedia training is underway at the Youth Media Center (YMC) to provide the youth a chance to develop professional job skills needed in the job market. The project, “Giving Youth an Opportunity for Employment through Multimedia Skills Development” targets to train 90 youth in various multimedia skills in a year.

The Executive Director,YMC, Pema Dorji, said the youth are the future of nation and building blocks of economic and technological development. He said that there is a need for such training and ready the youth for gainful employment in the transforming knowledge based Bhutanese society. He also said YMC has conducted a baseline market survey and research on multimedia skills need.

He said that multimedia skills are needed in communication, education, health, research, social service, business, environment, media and entertainment, etc. “Teaching and learning has become more enjoyable and effective through perspective of multimedia such as computer animations, computer aided designs and video-graphics,” he added.

He said such training will boost the growing field of multimedia and provide access to learning facilities.  Further, he says YMC provides platform for learning and skills development in multimedia and contribute towards the alleviation of youth unemployment.

The Executive Director said there is a great scope for such training in Bhutan and there are plans to conduct various training including fashion and modeling. Although the current training is carried out for class 12 students, there are plans to take in students in different classes as well.

Speaking at the opening of the training, the Minister of Information and Communications, D. N Dhungyel said that skills are needed to be employed. Lyonpo said there is a mismatch between the education qualification and the skills required in the job market, and such kind of skills training will help to solve the issue of mismatch.

The Minister said the mindset of jobseekers needs to change as the white-collar jobs are very limited in the job market. He said one can develop one’s skills and knowledge to suit the job market.

“If you look for the better job, you may not be able to get it, and that leads to frustration and to all sorts of anti-social activities, such as being involved in drugs abuse, alcoholism, gang fights,” he said.

YMC is a non-governmental and non-profit organization in Bhutan registered with the Civil Society Organization Authority of Bhutan. It aims to nurture and create a future for the youth of Bhutan in the field of multimedia. It also supports youth to discover their talents, promote their skills and instill professionalism and excellence in their work.

Currently, 30 youth are taking part in a two-month course in graphic, animation and photography and video-graphic. Civil Society Organization Fund Facility funds the training.

The event was graced by the Minister of Information and Communications in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Labour and Human resources, and officials from CSOA, CSOFF, BICMA.

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