‘Zangdok Palri, the Lotus Light Palace of Guru Rinpoche’ – a book inspired by Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother

The book envisions the Buddhist Paradise in the sacred Kingdom of Bhutan. It is inspired by Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuk.

It was launched by His Holiness Dilgo Khentse Yangtse Rinpoche.

Her Majesty’s friend Khun Supawan Pui Lamsan diligently worked for two years, to publish the book on Zangdok Palri.

It was contributed by Truelku Thondup, Dungchen Sangay Dorji, Lopen Kunzang Tengye, Pema Wangdi, Chotiwat Punnopatham, Chongas Rajabhandarak, and Tanika Pook Panyarachun.

Yangbi Lopen also present at the book launch, in his speech gave a brief explanation that all the Buddhas of the Three Times are endowed with unlimited knowledge and each Buddha has many paradises.

Likewise, “the paradise of Guru Rinpoche also has infinite number of outlines,” he said.

It is said Guru Rinpoche originated from the heart of Buddha Amitabha as the manifestation of all the Buddha of Three Times and even the Bodhisattvas dwelling on earth cannot explain the structural pattern of the paradise of Guru Rinpoche that is situated in a single hair.

However in order to liberate humble beings, Guru Rinpoche granted explanation on just single paradise for which there are countless configurations with infinite deities.

In Zangdok Palri Monlam by Kunkhen Padma Karpo, “The Lotus Land of Ngayap is endowed with all the qualities; of all the infinite Buddha fields of Victorious Ones. It’s boundless ground, smooth as the palm of the hand; is entirely made of the most precious gems”.

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