Zhemgang readies itself for second Local Government elections after election date is set

Dzongkhag election team in Zhemgang is busy informing and sending circulars to the heads of Local Government since the date for the 2nd Local Government election is scheduled on August 9.

Election Commission of Bhutan notified that the elections to the Gewog Tshogdes of 205 Gewogs of 20 Dzongkhags and Dzongkhag Thromde Tshogde of Samdrup Jongkhar on August 9.

However, the elections for the remaining Dzongkhag Thromdes and Yenlag Thromdes are to be deferred until further notice.

As per the election schedule released by the Election Commission of Bhutan, August 11 is the day for the commencement of Zomdu for Gup and Mangmi for 205 Gewogs, and Thrompon for Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag Thromde.

Election Officer at Zhemgang, Ugyen Tshomo, said circular letters have been sent to all gewog administration, informing them of the election schedule.

Although the election schedule also states the Zomdu for the Gups and Mangmis in Gewogs of Zhemgang will be held only on August 14.

“The very reason for not being able to conduct it on August 11 is that we have to plan various programs and also have to see the dzongkhag level situation,” Ugyen Tshomo said.

Former Gup of Phangkhar Gewog, Rinchen Lungten, who completed his term on August 10 said that the reason for not being able to carry out Chiwog Zomdu for Gup and Mangmi, as per the election schedule, is that the recent road blocks that occurred between Trong Gewog, Phangkhar Gewog and parts of lower Kheng is still ongoing.

“We regret for the inconvenience caused by the natural calamities, now the road condition has been cleared and improved, we assure to happen it on August 14 despite those challenges,” election officer said.

Chiwog Zomdu for the Gup and Mangmi is a day, wherein if there are a more number of candidates for the two posts from single Chiwog, people will vote via electronic voting machine (EVM), and whoever wins from that particular Chiwog will compete with the winning candidate of another Chiwog under same Gewog.

In case there is a single candidate contesting for the post of Gup from any Chiwog, he or she will be voted yes or no, if public votes in favor of him or her. The candidate will get a chance to compete with the other candidates from other Chiwog.

Former Trong Gewog Gup, Dorji Wangchuk, said the notification made by the Election Commission of Bhutan on 2nd Local Government Election has relived him.

“Lots of people from my Gewog have been repeatedly enquiring about it, now I have got all those information that I could share to the people, and I did as soon as I received information about it,” he said.

Kuenzang, a graduate, said the people have been discussing and waiting for long for the notification from ECB. “I am pretty sure this news must have heard by all now, and everyone must be preparing for it now,” he said.

Zhemgang has 8 Gewogs with 40 Chiwogs, and the Poll Day for the 2nd Local Government Election and counting of results is on September 27.

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