Zimdra and Yeedzin draws at 1

Zimdra FC and Yeedzin FC put up an interesting show with a tough match last Saturday at the Changlimithang ground in the ongoing Coca Cola Bhutan national league.

“It was one of the most interesting matches to watch,” said Coach Dorji Khandu.

Both teams tried their best to score a goal before half time but the score ended with nil on both sides.

The match picked up intensity after half time, when Chimi Dorji of Zimdra scored a goal at 16 minutes. With the coaches pressure the match became all the more intense.

Yeedzin tried harder to score at least a goal and succeeded at 27 minutes. Diwas Subba who limped and looked quite tired did a more-than-good job when he scored the much needed goal.

Three matches will be played on the 13th of January.

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