Tenzing Lamsang

Education Minister calls for even higher Moral and Professional Accountability from Teachers after the major hike

Lyonpo says other moves to improve quality of education are targeted professional training for teachers, curriculum reform, better infrastructure, BPST, ICT, STEM school and more While the 2019 Pay revision has made teachers the highest paid civil servants overnight, there are also higher expectations from both teachers and the education …

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Bhutan’s stolen heritage up for sale in Hong Kong

In 1982 a major religious and cultural crime occurred in Bhutan when 40 valuable Thangkas were stolen from the 13th century Phajoding monastery in Thimphu, Bhutan. Bhutan, since that time, has been making efforts to recover these items. In 2017 the Bhutan Art Restitution and Reclamation Committee (BARRC), formed in …

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