Tenzing Lamsang

Why PDP lost, DNT won and DPT held on

On paper, PDP was the strongest party in the 2018 elections, based on its performance. This was acknowledged by most election observers and was also the wisdom on the political street. This was why a lot of high profile candidates rushed to join PDP, while some other parties had to …

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How the private sector vote could decide 2018

The conventional political wisdom in the 2008 and 2013 national assembly elections was that as long as political parties had the support of the supposedly ‘influential’ civil servants and the mass farmers in rural areas, any election could be won. This is in part why the manifestos of all four …

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Interim Govt members allotted ministries

The advisers will be dividing their time between the ministries and their offices and will be meeting once a week The Chief Advisor of the Interim Government, Justice Tshering Wangchuk allotted the respective ministries to be handled by the nine advisors of the interim government. Chief Advisor Chief Justice Tshering …

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