Tenzing Lamsang

12th plan at Nu 310 bn

Bhutan to ask India for same grant amount as in the 11th plan The 12 Five Year Plan size is at Nu 310 bn according to the Foreign Minister Lyonpo (Dr) Tandin Dorji. He said that the figure is unlikely to change and that it would probably be sent to …

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12th plan to be ready within two weeks

  2018-19 budget also being prepared for 1st session of the Third Parliament  The new cabinet is in a very busy mode, working overtime attending a week long National Assembly orientation session, getting briefed at their respective ministries and also attending detailed sessions with the GNHC to incorporate the ruling …

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DNT Pledges being incorporated into draft 12th plan

The DNT Spokesperson Dr Tandin Dorji said that the majority of the DNT’s pledges have already been incorporated into the 12th plan. The Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) recently did a presentation of the draft 12th plan to the Prime Minister and senior DNT leaders At the presentation GNHC informed …

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