Prostitution racket busted in Phuentsholing Spa

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) busted a Spa in Phuentsholing town that was operating as a brothel for mainly Indian labourers under the cover of being a Spa.

The issue came to light on Friday when a 28-year old female victim from Haa Dzongkhag reported to the police that she was being sexually exploited by the female owner of the spa in Phuentsholing.

After getting the complaint an investigation team went to the spa for an investigation.

The female owner is from Chukha. The investigation team recovered 2 pieces of used condoms in her dustbin and 2 pieces of unused condoms in her room.

 According to the complainant, the employer exploited her to have sex with the customers in the massage room at Nu 1,000 per person.

The complainant came to Phuentsholing 4 months ago and was staying with the Spa owner working as a helper in her bar which is attached to her Spa on a monthly salary of Nu. 5,000.

The owner confessed to the crime and having collected money for sex using the complainant.

She claimed that it was a joint consensus to do the business as she was having financial problems.

The victim was taken to the hospital for a medical examination report.

The investigation found that the customers are said to be mostly Indians and Indian labourers from the construction industry.

Both of them were detained for further investigation.

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