Pemagatshel Dzong

About Nu 400 million allotted for Pemagatshel in the 12th FYP

The Question Hour session in the National Assembly (NA) on June 7 heard the Khar Yurung MP Tshering Chhoden questioning the Prime Minister (Dr) Lotay Tshering on the government’s plans to prioritize development activities in Pemagatshel.

She reminded the Prime Minister of his pledge during the election campaign in 2018 that development activities in the country will start from Pemagatshel if his party forms the government.

Lyonchhen (Dr) Lotay Tshering said that such pledges are made during the campaigning period with the aim to win votes. He added, “I have said that Pemagatshel is important, and infact all 20 dzongkhags are important. While allocating budget for 12th Five Year Plan (FYP), we have allotted about Nu 400 million for Pemagatshel dzongkhag. I would like to inform the House that every dzongkhag is important, and we should promote a balanced economic development.”

Lyonchhen said his plans for an internal tour of the country is being hindered by his busy schedule and limited time. “Once the Parliament session is over, I have plans to visit Pemagatshel. The plans and activities of 12th FYP is circulated throughout the country, and apart from activities and programs listed in the plan, I feel that it is important to carry out a few activities or programs that are not mentioned in the plan,” PM said.

He said while it is important for all 20 dzongkhags to be developed equally, however, there is no assurance that the case will be so for every dzongkhag. “We will try out best to make all the dzongkhags equal and we are working on it,” he added.

Lyonchhen said there are many works planned in Pemagatshel, like reconstruction of the dzong, improvement of health facilities, development of the town, and resolving issues faced by truck drivers among others.

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