Wild boar rescued by forest officials

Human Wildlife Conflict is a common problem in Bumthang dzongkhag and the most visible pests are the wild pigs and the Himalayan black bear.

A farmer from Jalikhar village which falls within municipal boundary visited the forest office to request permit for poles. On verification for his usage of poles he gave the genuine reason that a wild boar was caught in a trap.

The trap was set in the periphery of the land. A two wheeler automobile’s clutch cable wire was used to set the trap.

As the wild board was found alive in the trap, the forestry officials from Bumthang Division tried to set the wild boar free but the office did not have any tranquilizer equipments.

The officials said that they requested other organization like Wangchuk Centennial Park (WCP), Ugyen Wangchuk Institute for Conservation of Environment (UWICE) and Veterinary Hospital Bumthang for equipments but unfortunately UWICE institute who had the equipment was engaged in other research activities.

Since the modern equipments were not available, “we have used locally available materials to operate the rescue.” the officials said.

The farmers in Bumthang lose huge chunks of crops to the wild animals every year.

(Tanden Zangmo)


Villagers come together to maintain water source

About 300 households of Darjayling chiwog along with the Mangmi, Ranger and Gewog Administration Officer (GAO) are on their way to Namtshang tsho to for maintenance works on the water source.

The source is located about three to four kms away from Darjayling chiwog.

The motley crew of administrators and villagers will plant saplings around the source at the same time there are plans to renovate the water source in the 11th plan.

Water source protection is done by Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) under ministry of agriculture and forests (MoAF), but the works are funded by the government of Bhutan.

The village GAO said coinciding with an auspicious day (duezang), when the villagers are free from their usual works, the plantation works around the water source will be conducted.

Meanwhile the maintenance works have been completed on 2 August.

(Tashi Deki)


Earthquake-damaged houses yet to receive insurance in Haa

Bji Gewog in Haa Dzongkhag is on the verge of completing the insurance for last year’s earthquake

Of 279 households who were destructed by the September earthquake, only 105 households received the insurance while the remaining will be covered in a few days.

“There were some classifications like grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3, based on the damages.  If the house has suffered major destruction then it falls under Grade 3, but due to some mistakes in the grading there is a delay in getting insurance” said Bji Gup Ugyen

Approximately 70 to 80 households currently live in temporary huts; however people will soon have their permanent homes. Houses were also provided with logs for the construction.

Bji gewog has five chiwogs with total population of 1500.

(Dawa Zangmo)

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