Tshering Delma

Rationalized curriculum to be implemented soon

Learning the irrelevancy and taxing nature of the syllabus practiced in the education system, the rationalized curriculum, also known as curriculum thinning will be implemented this academic session. The Director of the Royal Education Council (REC), Kinga Dakpa said the work started since the beginning of 2017 which involved the …

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Nima and Dawa enjoy their time back home

Four months after the successful surgery of the country’s first conjoined twins in Melbourne, Australia, Nima and Dawa Pelden returned home on Thursday. The 19-months old girls have learned to walk normally and also picked up a few English words during their stay overseas. The family along with the two …

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The great cut off point debate

The Education Minister Lyonpo Jai Bir Rai’s announcement on Wednesday that the class 10 cut off point was being done away with, and that the government would fund 4,225 students joining class 11 in private schools -led to a small quake. Soon, social media was agog with those supporting the …

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