RCSC to conduct leadership assessment for P1 officers now

Starting November 12, 2022, the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) will be conducting leadership assessment exercises for Officers in P1 Management (P1 M) position level as part of the process to identify potential candidates for Executive-level positions, according to a release,

P1M forms the critical talent pool for leadership positions and this assessment is expected to provide the executive selection process with more accurate data points on merit-based selections. The assessment will be based on the RCSC’s Leadership Capability Framework (LCF).

The RCSC said it will be conducting these leadership assessments at regular frequencies and officers may opt to apply for subsequent leadership assessment sessions.

All P1M officers who wish to be considered for Executive-level positions are strongly encouraged to participate, said RCSC.

However, RCSC said that performing well in this assessment alone does not guarantee a P1M officer’s appointment to an executive position nor will this assessment be used as the sole criteria to exit officers.

This year’s leadership assessment will take place in the following manner.

Online Application

The online application system will be open from 2 PM to 8 PM on November 12, 2022. Candidates need to submit a 500-word essay as part of the application.

First Round Assessment

Based on the evaluation of the essays, candidates who meet baseline requirements will be selected for the next round of assessments.

Second Round Assessment

Candidates will submit their responses to a series of time-limited Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) and a one-page job scope and achievements on the job write-up, before participating in group discussion.

Third and Final Round Assessment

Each selected candidate will be put through an individual interview.

RCSC said it would like to invite all P1M officers to attend one of the following virtual sessions where it will share the details on the leadership assessment exercise.

November 7, 2022, 10am and November 8, 2022, 10am.

All P1M officers will be informed via email on the details for registering for the above briefing sessions said RCSC.

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