To Rebuild Wangduephodrang Dzong

The people of Gozhi gewog who echoed the sentiments of the rest of the nation to grieve the loss of the 374 year old Wangduephodrang dzong.

The Gups from the southern dzongkhag said they are now more alert and cautious, to avoid such a tragic incident.

“At the moment we are discussing how we can help in any kind of manner to restore the dzong,” said Gozhi Gup Prem Kumar Dahal.

He said the Dagana community will donate some amount and even help to contribute labor force to rebuild the dzong.

Similarly Chhuzaggang community is also planning to discuss in its Dzongkhag Yargay Tshogchung meeting about how to overcome this grave devastation.

“It’s a national disaster and we would be giving some amount to the Dzongkhag as a gesture of condolence,” said Chhuzaggang Gup Sangay Tshering.

They said their communities were ever ready to rebuild the Dzong.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Farm road on the verge of completion

The construction of the farm road in Talo Gewog is almost complete. The two km farm road from Labtshakha to Zomlingang is funded with Nu 400,000 from the Constituency Development Grant (CDG).

“The farm road is expected to make the lives of Zomlingang people easier and most importantly it will be convenient for the villagers to travel,” said Gewog Administration Officer (GAO), Tshewang Dorji

Almost 99% of work is finished and students who have to walk through the dense forest especially during the monsoon season will benefit.

Talo Gewog has five chiwogs and Zomlingang is one of those five chiwogs which has 12 households.

(Dawa Zangmo)



All is not lost, since nangtens are intact

The gewog people who expressed immense sadness over the loss of a national artifact in the Wangdue dzong, said since the relics (nangtens) were saved it is a good sign for the country.

Talking to Gup of Toedtse gewog under Trashiyangtse Dechen Wangdi said since the main component of the dzong are the relics, the government can rebuild it.

“‘Nangtens’ were saved from the dzong, so I’m very sure government will reinstate Wandue dzong to its former glorious structure,” said the gup.

In a melancholic tone and a retrospective manner the gup said maybe younger generations are not so fortunate enough or may be because it is already time for the Dzong which needs to be rebuilt.

(Tashi Deki)

Heavy Rain Delays Potato Harvest

Continuous heavy rainfall for one week in Pemagatshel has affected Woongchhilu and Tokari chiwog the most said Gewog Gup Sonam Jamtsho.

“This is the peak month to harvest potatoes, the main cash crop for these communities but the heavy rainfall delayed the cultivation and above all the farm roads were all blocked,” said the gup.

The Gewog had formed a community to clear the 47 km road block stretching from Nangshing Chiwog till Woongchhilu and Kherigoenpa till the gewog center.

He said the road block could be cleared time to time but the income generated from potatoes would decrease this year.

From these chiwog, which has 180 household could earn around Nu 0.1mn last year.

(Thinley Wangmo)





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