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Survey free of disputes but harvest looks to be delayed

A land survey is currently underway for the 331 households in the gewog and till date there have been no disputes between land owners.

Gewog Gup Kinzang Jurmey said till now the cadastral survey didn’t face much issue over land disputes but there are some people who are unaware of the land rules and regulations.

The people in this group have been briefed and made aware about land rules and regulations.

The gewog has a land committee to solve the land disputes but till date the committee has not received any complaints or issues. The gup said the minor issues were solved at chiwog tshogpa level.

The Gewog residents are hopeful that no issues come up till the end of November, which is the targeted date to end the cadastral survey.

As of now the only inconvenience faced by the people is the survey’s timing which coincided with the maize and paddy harvest. “This made the farmers to stop activities and it might delay harvest of the crops,” said Gup Kinzang Jurmey.

(Thinley Wangmo)


NC meeting with the people and students

National Council and National Assembly MPs of Samdrup Jongkhar recently visited their constituency and met people in Orong.

The MPs also interacted with their constituents in various gewogs under Samdrup Jongkhar to discuss their grievances and achievements brought into the country over the last five years during their tenure.

The MPs met with the people of five chiwogs in Orong and shared their key work as a representative of people with over 500 households in Orong gewog.

According to the Orong Gup, Khawjay, in their visits they briefed people about the laws and acts of the country which many people are unaware of. He said that such briefing was necessary and he always felt the need for responsible people to share information with the people.

The MPs also plan to visit more gewogs .The people meanwhile are in preparations for their visit.

Tanden Zangmo/ Thimphu


New residences for Drujeygang gomchens

A new place for gomchens (Dasha) has been constructed with the budget amount of Nu 0.1mn and the gomchens will enter the place by next month.

However the Gewog is still left with construction of new RWSS schemes in three places namely Pangserpu, Patala and Kawathang while seven houses have completed the schemes.

The gewog has otherwise completed the construction of a 21 km farm road starting from Pangna to Bhudichhu, Patala, Tarikhang and Pangserpu.

The irrigation channels have also completed in Drujeygang and the tender for outreach clinic (ORC) has been sent to the government.

Meanwhile the local people are desperately waiting for the results.

(Sonam Wangmo)

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