Member of Parliament (MP) Dorjee Wangmo

Government to look into setting up milk packaging units if proposal comes from LG

Member of Parliament from Sombeykha Constituency, Dorjee Wangmo asked the Agriculture Minister if  there are any plans to set up a milk packing unit for the benefit of the people in order to improve the country’s economy and promote agricultural and livestock products during the question and answer hour session in National Assembly on friday.

People are interested in livestock rearing, according to the MP; for example, Haa dzongkhag has relied on livestock rearing, and the government has been aiding the people; as a consequence, revenues have been generated, and people’s livelihoods have substantially improved.

The MP claims that, during the summer, livestock product output increases, and individuals are unable to sell it in a short period and it gets ruined if stored for an extended length of time. So there is a significant problem, and if there is any potential of a milk packaging unit, it will fix the problem instantly and there will be more production.

In response to the inquiry, the Agriculture Minister Yeshey Penjor stated that around 190 farmer groups, numerous highlander farm shops, and yogurt manufacturing facilities had already been built.

Additionally, Lyonpo said that a milk processing facility is also established in Samdrup Jongkhar and that the government executes projects in accordance with the priorities set by the local government.

“If the local government come up with the proposal, the government would consider building up milk packaging units,” Lyonpo added.

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