Subsidized gas cylinders handed back

A press release said that in view of the concerns raised regarding the shortage of subsidized LPG in the media and the problems that people are facing, the government would like to support the noble ‘Citizen’s Initiative: Our Gyenkhu’.

Led by Lyonchhen, the Opposition leader, NC Chairperson, Cabinet Minister and Parliamentarians, voluntarily surrender the subsidized LPG and avail the readily available non-subsidized LPG.

As of today, Bhutan receives a quota of 700 metric tons of subsidized LPG per month from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) under authorization from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India (GoI).  Of the 700 MT per month, 460 MT per month is allocated for the Western region and 120 MT each per month for the Eastern & Central regions.

Recognizing the growing demand for LPG, since February 2018, Department of Trade had rolled out non-subsidized LPG with an objective to provide more access to rural and low-income households. Unfortunately, till date there has been limited consumer for the non-subsidized LPG, thereby continuing to limit access to the underprivileged households with low income.

It is with great hope and aspiration that ‘Our Gyenkhu: Citizen’s Initiative’ will generate a social responsibility wave that will encourage all privileged and those who can afford a price difference of Nu. 294/- per cylinder to voluntarily avail the non-subsidized LPG for the benefit of our rural and under privileged households.

The initiative was launched from the BOD, Motithang on 11th April, 2019.

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