Tshering Norbu & Tikaram Kafley

Two candidates for Gelephu

The former Thrompon Tikaram Kafley from Jampeling demkhong and Tshering Norbu from Tashiling demkhong will compete for the third Thromde elections in Gelephu.

Tshering Norbu

Tshering Norbu from Tashiling demkhong who has BSc (Honors) Computer Science from Sherubtse College and from Delhi University is contesting for the second time. He also contested for the National Council in 2018 elections.

He said the core reason for contesting in 2021 election is to take Gelephu towards a new direction of development, opportunities and transform Gelephu into a model city of Bhutan.

“My experiences as a former civil servant, an employee in the construction company based in Gelephu and a contestant in the previous throm election have allowed me to chart out new direction to ensure optimum growth and progress for Gelephu Throm,” he said.

If he gets elected, ensuring public access to basic amenities shall be his priority which he pledges to fulfill within 180 days in the office. Pledges for Gelephu throm election revolves around five areas of reform and development activities.

First is to ensure good governance where timely public consultation and coherent partnership with government agencies will enable timely service delivery driven by IT enabled governance.

Secondly, he said in the long run Gelephu should witness inclusive development that would benefit its residence and attract investment across the region making it a regional economic hub.

Thirdly, his focus will be in the area of improving basic amenities such as roads, drainage, sewerage, flood protection, street lights and installation of CCTV to ensure safe and healthy city and finally ensuring 24 hours drinking water for the residence of Gelephu.

Fourth is employment generation and social recreation. This can be achieved if Gelephu promotes a sports hub and introduce socio-cultural activities and events year round to ensure meaningful engagement.

Finally, conserving rich biodiversity and environment shall be equally important which can be achieved through better waste management.

Incumbent Tikaram Kafley

Former Gelephu Thrompon said Gelephu has transformed into this beautiful town showing how the existing infrastructure, facilities and amenities have been strengthened through construction, renovation and rehabilitation, he said.

The former thrompon also shared his achievements in the last five years. He said as per the policy of the government that Gelephu Thromde has to be self-sufficient, the Thromde has allocated Industrial Service Center (ISC) which provides Gelephu Thromde with the revenue of 10 mn and other projects and completion of LAPs are some great achievements in terms of town development.

Increased in water source through construction of seven bore wells contributed in ensuring the provision of safe, clean and reliable water supply, which have also been a great success. Furthermore, the upcoming construction of Mini Dry-Ports (MDPs) is yet another achievement which will contributing to the benefits of both the people and the economy of Gelephu Thromde.

Thromde has invested in priority interventions to enhance conducive conditions and provide holistic development support to improve the well-being and happiness of the people and community as a whole.

If he gets re-elected for the third Thromde elections, he said the town development will be much better and immediate, and also he can continue his plans and projects which are ongoing and nearing to completion.

He said the wholesome development of all the LAPs including the sixth LAP will be immediate. The greater vision of Gelephu Thromde, which is ‘City towards future’ would be continued smoothly along with the larger projects that were delayed due to the pandemic.

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