Bhutanese scammers get caught in Assam

An individual Tshering Penjor allegedly involved in a scam operation, from New Delhi, India has an arrest warrant in Bhutan.

The scammer’s aide or guarantor is Dorji Phuntsho. They are alleged to be scamming innocent individuals using his family members trade license. They are involved in various fraudulent schemes, deceiving innocent individuals and causing significant financial loss to multiple victims. To one individual, they owe more than Nu 2 million.

One of the victims, Yonten Jamtsho, said that the duo has scammed him, his wife and his brother-in-law on 8 September 2019 by buying their Toyota Prado. Tshering Penjor issued a Bank of Bhutan cheque amounting to Nu 2.2 million under his wife’s name Lhendup Zangmo, which bounced with insufficient balance. He issued one more BOB blank cheque which bounced again.

Being a civil case in nature, the victims referred to the court upon which Tshering Penjor was held behind bars. During that time, his guarantor came to the victim’s house requesting to bail out his partner promising that he would pay them the amount. In three weeks, duration after the bail was made, they were in contact, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, they fled from Bhutan and couldn’t be caught. He has also blocked the calls from his victims.

Recently, they were also seen trying to scam a known friend’s friend who is a lady through the social media. She is doing a local product production business. The scammer had tried to convince the lady by sharing his location and details to convince her. He had told her that he is doing a huge business in Delhi, and that he is interested in helping her promote local herbs.

Initially, the scammers told her that they would help to expand her business in Delhi. Gradually she and her partner were offered tickets to fly to Delhi on any convenient date. Feeling excited, she shared the news to Yonten’s friend, luckily his friend knew about the individual, as he had posted about the scammer on his social media page, so he warned her not to fall prey to such scammers.

Suspecting her to be a friend of his earlier victims, the scammer has blocked her number as well.

On 22 March 2023 the two individuals made it to the headlines in the Assam Tribune, Guwahati, India.

Dispur police arrested the two individuals, identified as Dorji Phuntsho and Tshering Penjor for allegedly embezzling lakhs of rupees of farmers in Assam. They had purchased rice products in Assam.

Initially the farmers were paid a fair price, but gradually the duo started buying rice from several parts of the state without paying any money.

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