A scan for business opportunities in the east unveils economic potential despite hurdles

A high level scanning was carried out by the Druk Holdings and Investment (DHI) to identify business and economic opportunities in eastern Bhutan. The business opportunities identified are cement bonded particle board, Silicon Carbide, fruit processing,  gypsum-based value-added product, industrial township development and maintenance, maize processing (Industrial Starch), dolomite refractory …

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Government T-bills oversubscribed by Nu 210mn

  BoBL takes a major chunk of the T-bills for the second time in a row The government’s 30-day Treasury bills (T-bills) worth Nu 1 billion was oversubscribed by Nu 210 million. It was sold at a discount rate of 3%. The T-bills floated by the Royal Monetary Authority on …

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Local musicians can sue drayangs and discos

Despite efforts made by the Intellectual Property Division (IPD) to create awareness on the Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, Bhutanese artists, mainly musicians, are least interested in exercising their rights. On February 1, the IPD office encouraged interested parties to apply for the voluntary deposit and registration of their copyrights with …

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