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Fuel outflow affects country’s balance of payment

  Post INR-crunch, Indians, especially having vehicles and living in the border towns are milking the cow while they can. With an abundance of Ngultrum in their custody, they pass into Bhutan and buy fuel paying in BTN while many of them hoard diesel and petroleum in jerry cans and containers, take the petroleum products back home and sell them so they …

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7 dead in three car accidents

Three Indians from West Bengal and two Bhutanese nationals were killed in a car accident in Taktikotey in Chukha around 5 pm yesterday. The Santro car carrying five passengers including the driver were heading towards Phuntsholing from Thimphu. According to police officials, the car fell about 200 meters below the …

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MPAB alters modus operandi for film awards

This was to steer clear of controversies which arose last year during the 10th National Film Awards Motion Picture Association of Bhutan (MPAB) has amended the procedure to nominate films for the 11th National Film Awards which will be held today evening at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) auditorium after …

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