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ACC submits its Rebuttal after the first hearing

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) during the first hearing in the high court’s full bench said that the Home Minister was found guilty of not abiding by his Majesty’s Kasho of 1987 and was charged for official misconduct of allotting plots to those who were not eligible. However the legal counsel …

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RAA’s final report confirms irregularities and illegalities in Younphula and Bathpalathang airports

The RAA’s final report on the domestic airways reconfirms several of the earlier findings in its draft report on the Younphula and Bathpalathang airports. In both the airports the report confirmed overpayments, substandard works, flawed tendering processes, ineligible bidders chosen, wasteful expenditure and etc.   Younphula airport Millions in Overpayments …

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