DNT and PDP in Trongsa

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) got the highest votes in Nubi_Tangsibji constituency and came in second in Drakteng_Langthel constituency in Trongsa.

In Nubi_Tangsibji, DNT secured 1,150 votes (654 EVM + 496 PB), Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) secured 1,014 votes (620 EVM + 394 PB), People’s Democratic Party (PDP) received 859 votes (406 EVM + 453 PB) and Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP) with 326 votes (166 EVM + 160 PB).

In Drakteng_Langthel, PDP bagged the highest votes with 1,305 votes (966 EVM + 339 PB) followed by DNT with 1,299 votes (816 EVM + 483 PB). DPT secured 897 votes (548 EVM + 349 PB) and BKP just secured 452 votes (278 EVM + 174 PB).

DPT candidate, Nidrup Zangpo, from Nubi_Tangsibji, said that he will try to meet with as many people as possible, talk to them and share about what DPT can do for them.

He said, “We will talk about our party ideology. In order to get their support, we also have to counter other pledges, to further broaden our vote base.”

He said apart from roads, he said that they will make vegetables and horticulture commercial viable, and help farmers with the marketing and promote self-sufficiency to enhance the income of rural folks.

DNT candidate from Drakteng_Langthel constituency, Gyem Dorji, said DNT will appeal to every eligible voter to vote for their party.

He said, “It depends upon the individual. We do not have the right to force someone to vote for us. From our side, we will keep doing our campaign, make aware and inform them. Thereby people will make their choice accordingly.”

Meanwhile, he said that beside the national pledges, addressing water issue and irrigation channel is must in his constituency. In addition, he also said that, like any other places, road maintenance is a must.

He said, “We need to accelerate the income generation through farming and give the farmers a platform to market their agricultural produce.”

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