EU’s Euro 4.6 mn budget to enhance capacity building of RNR staff

The Maejo University (MJU) in Thailand will enhance the capacity of Bhutanese RNR staff with the agriculture ministry over the next two years through short and long term trainings.

A five member delegation from Maejo University, Thailand, led by Dr Chamnian Yosraj is in the country to finalise the contract document with the ministry for the training programmes.

As per the document MJU will conduct 8 masters courses and 115 advanced training courses over the next two years until July 2019 benefiting over 468 RNR officials.

The MJU is planning to have an official opening of training in October 2017 with the Master’s programme while the short term training will start in January 2018.

Agriculture minister, Yeshey Dorji requested MJU to establish a Bhutan Office at their vicinity for better coordination in case of any emergencies or help required from the University.

The President assured that the University is confident to provide all the courses as per the requirement. Founded in 1934, Maejo University in Chiang Mai is the oldest agricultural institution in Thailand.

The trainings under the project is funded by EU with a budget of Euro 4.6 million. The period of execution is 72 months, of which, the Operational Implementation Phase in 60 months (7 August 2014 until 6 August 2019).

The training will be conducting activities on increasing food production, irrigation, farm mechanization, post harvest, animal health, feed and fodder, forest protection and management, NWFPs, climate change and sustainable agriculture, agriculture economics, marketing, and financing.

Likewise, production and commercialization of the selected agricultural commodities with marketing potentials will be explored and value chains assessed. The trainings will also strengthen DAMC towards increased cooperation with private sector, training manuals on VCA, commodity competition, market analysis, review and formation of legislations.

This training will also improve documentation system such as design and introduce computerized training tracking system.

The technical cooperation project will provide equipment to farm shops such as display fridge, cool box, and vacuum package machines worth Nu 35mn.

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