Lyonchhen talks of community vitality in Khenadang resettlement village

Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley visited Khenadang, a resettlement area that has 44 households resettled from 9 villages of Nanong and 35 villages of Shumar gewogs in Pema Gatshel.

During the brief interaction, Lyonchhen reminded the people that despite being originally from different villages, they are now folks of one village and living in harmony should be their priority.

“Don’t be sad you had to leave your ‘phazhi’ because your ‘phazhi’ was not at all suitable for your children,” Lyonchhen said adding that without any source of water it would have been near to impossible for these people to prosper in life.

Lyonchhen accompanied by the First Lady, Health Minister, National Council Elect and other senior government officials inspected one of the pilot houses and commented that the quality is suitable for tourist-stay.

The houses in Khenadang village was built with support from the Royal Government of Bhutan and the Dzongkhang Administration of Pemagatshel has been providing the people with all basic facilities to initiate agricultural and dairy farming, poultry and other means to start a living.

Lyonchhen also reminded the people that when everything is provided free of cost, one should not let loose the opportunity and work hard towards being self sufficient. He said, “Concentrating on agriculture and farming should leave you with no time to drink alcohol and ultimately you should be able to commercialize farming”.

Towards the afternoon, Lyonchhen met more than 300 people from Yechen and Raling villages where the people submitted they would want a road to be connected to Nanong despite passing through ‘chhuzhing’ (wetland).

The Pemagatshel Dzongda and Lyonchhen explained to the people that even if there are no objections from the villagers and land owners, the Constitution do not permit any roads to be constructed through wetlands.

“If this law is compromised for your sake, there’ll be a lot of complications in the future,” Lyonchhen said.


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